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an outdoor gym with calisthenics equipment

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Bringing Military Families Together Through Movement

A housing developer in Jacksonville, FL wanted to attract military members and their families to their new community, Longleaf, by providing superior amenities not seen in nearby neighborhoods. By working with KOMPAN, the new outdoor fitness site lets residents build community through exercise in an accessible, convenient way.

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"We have a lot of perspective buyers, and the outdoor fitness site really seals the deal for them."

Matt Figlesthaler, Director of Sales and Marketing - Lennar Jacksonville

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Outdoor Exercise Equipment Fit for Athletes

While Lennar Jacksonville's key demographic was the military buyer, the housing developer wanted outdoor gym equipment that would appeal to the teens and retirees who also called Longleaf "home." From the functional training stations that give a strength and cardio workout scalable to a user's fitness level, to the street workout equipment where experienced athletes can test their limits, the KOMPAN Fitness Institute designed this space to provide all residents an effective full body workout.

Accompanied with the KOMPAN Fitness app that demos how to use each piece of outdoor exercise equipment, everyone from a neighbor starting their fitness journey to the CrossFit fanatic can break a sweat in North Florida's mild weather.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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