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COROCORD™ - Rope Playgrounds That Reach New Heights

The unique design of our rope climbing playgrounds include multiple, eye-catching structures and endless possibilities for customization. Rope playground equipment looks just at home in a school yard as it does near a major US landmark, like Seattle's Space Needle. These rope climber playground structures are specially designed to encourage physical play and development. Rope climbing playgrounds can take many forms to serve a variety of purposes. Different types of rope playground equipment include Spacenets, parkour courses, domes, spheres, Loops, Frisbees, rope bridge playgrounds, and more.

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Embankment Tunnel Slide, 10 ft


Embankment Tunnel Slide, 10 ft

2 - 12 Years

168 ft2

2 Users

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Climbing Domes & Spheres

children climbing a pyramid rope playground reference image


corocord rope playground play towers reference image

Play Towers

corocord geometric dome climber playground reference

Frame Nets

children on a rope playground corocord sky play reference image

Sky Play

children climbing a corocord dynamics playground reference image


Kids climbing over a Corocord rope net trail

Monkey Trails

preschoolers playing on a mini playground climbing trail

Monkey Trails Mini

children playing on playground climbing domes for small kids

Mini Domes

corocord early climbing for young children reference image

Early Climbing

children playing on a rope playground bridge corocord reference image

Play Bridges

corocord climbing dome concepts themes ideas reference image

Corocord Concepts

A girl on a playground sliding down an embankment tunnel slide

Slides & Hill Climber Ropes

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Commercial Climbing Playground Equipment for all ages

From sky-high play towers to early climbing playground equipment, KOMPAN's line of rope climbing playground equipment holds fun for everyone. From the little tikes learning to climb to the daring tweens and teens who love to socialize at the highest peak of the climbing playground equipment. Our team can help you determine the playground rope climber perfect for the age-group frequenting your outdoor space.

Benefits of Playground Climbing Rope

From a development perspective, our COROCORD™ rope playground equipment (rope suspension bridge, rope play towers and the spider's web) net in many benefits and developmental opportunities. As young minds engage with the complex shapes of the webbed rope, they're holding the ingredients to create stories, games, and activities: all helpful in improving hypothetical thought, creativity and imagination. Additionally, many of these COROCORD™ rope playground games require cooperation or competition, shaping both social and communication skills as children interact with their peers.

Reinforced with multiple polyester layers, the rope has incredibly high tensile strength, allowing children to balance, climb, and swing freely. Additionally, the strength of the COROCORD™ rope allows us to create highly engaging and impressive rope climbing playground equipment structures.

Custom-made playground rope climbers

KOMPAN can also design bespoke rope playground equipment specific for your project, including net towers, rope towers, and climbing structures; all developed to test and improve the coordination, balance, and fine motor skills of children of all ages and abilities. Ranging from simple bridges to intricate geometric climbing domes, spheres and nets, we specialize in making our COROCORD™ rope climbers into attractive playground solutions, effective at drawing children in and helping them reach new heights in development.

COR PPrope CoconutStyle
COR Rope Yellow S-Clamp 12370-0963 Zappe
COR Rope Wire
a wooden castle play structure in Covington City Park

Covington City Park, United States


Customer Case

themed rope playground with large climbing tower and slide

John Hunt Park

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in a COROCORD™ playground climber?

Our COROCORD™ ropes are made of 19mm diameter rope with galvanized six-stranded steel wires. Each strand is tightly wrapped with PES yarn that's melted onto each strand. The ropes are highly durable and vandalism resistant. Replacement on-site is available if needed. 

What is the Max. weight capacity of a rope climbing playground?

The maximum weight depends on the size of the structure, but in general, a COROCORD™ rope playground is immensely resistant and sturdy due to its build and materials.

How many children can play on a rope climbing playground at once?

Each playground climbing rope structure has a recommended number of users. For instance, the Mini space net holds 12 children while the Four-Mast Octa Net has a play capacity of 103 users.

What can I expect for maintenance on a playground climbing rope?

All components of the playground rope climber are made of top-quality, highly durable materials. You can count on minimal maintenance, but you should comply with annual inspections to ensure safety standards are current.

What popular play equipment best complements a rope climbing playground?

Additional freestanding playground equipment is always a good idea! Play classics like swings or slides are guaranteed to spark joy. It depends on the purpose and target audience of your playground project. Head to our planning resources for all the tools needed for creating a successful playground.

Can rope climbing playgrounds be combined with other play equipment?

Absolutely! Swing over to our COROCORD™ rope playground inspiration universe to be inspired by other fantastic playground projects that combine rope and freestanding playground equipment.