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Rounds of Fun on the Playground Dome Climber

Like a bright sun of the playground, a climbing sphere shines as a playground solution that will attract and invite many children (ages 5-12) to explore! With net layers spanned throughout big steel arches, an outdoor climbing dome packs a unique combination of versatile play activities in a small space.

Why choose dome playground equipment? 

What makes a Corocord™ climbing sphere playground so irresistible to kids as young as 5 to 12-year-old tweens? The variety in physical, cognitive and social challenges they'll find here. Even the mini versions will add fun and provide beneficial bouncy climbing and varied balancing challenges. Commercial Corocord™ dome climbers are available for the tightest of spaces in our one arch versions, or they can be an expansive installation of multiple robust steel arches. With a wide array of options, choose a playground dome climber with sensory play elements, climbing panels, or other play components that will best serve the children in your area.

Climb into an extraordinary world of climbing and rope fun below! 

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    Climbing Domes & Spheres

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    Who are Dome Climbing Playgrounds Best for? 

    KOMPAN's climbing domes, especially those with more innovative designs, can stand out and act as playground centerpieces in any American town or school. They offer endless fun with various ways to play, climb and crawl. Let us show you the ropes on why an outdoor climbing dome works perfectly for: 

    1. Public parks and recreational areas 

    Like a sun with orbiting planets, kids of all ages will revolve around the climbing dome at the local public park or rec center. A commercial-grade piece of equipment that holds up as well as it looks, a climbing sphere playground will entice children to reach new heights, encourage outdoor play, and have them begging to come back tomorrow!

    2. Schools 

    As with other types of rope playground equipment, our climbing domes are an excellent fit for schools and educational institutions that want a unique playground that brings learning lessons to the schoolyard. Novel movement patterns explored through climbing connect body and mind. These age-appropriate climbing structures with graduated challenges support a children's working memory, making it easier to remember what the teacher just taught in class. Tween girls love to climb, and research suggests that climbing equipment on the playground best engages them physically and socially. Learn more from the KOMPAN Play Institute's research in our white paper

    3. Residential areas 

    Our outdoor climbing domes are larger commercial versions of the popular at-home climbing dome playgrounds. A KOMPAN playground dome climber is a great structure for a neighborhood. Kids will gather, climb and hang out while having fun and challenging themselves exploring the rope nets. Other great rope climbing play equipment, like our climbing pyramids or climbing net playground equipment offer many of the same benefits and challenges as playground domes.  

    Benefits of Dome Climbing Equipment

    Climbing domes for kids provides many mental and physical benefits. These playground dome climbers can also help property values reach new heights and bring more visitors to community parks and recreational areas. 

    Provides a stimulating physical and mental challenge 

    Climbing on a playground dome present physical challenges for children's cross-coordination and supports communication between the logical left hemisphere and creative right hemisphere of the brain. All that climbing and crawling not only strengthen their motor skills, but it's a key driver in their cognitive development.  

    Teaches kids risk management  

    A well-secured dome climbing playground is a safe place for children to manage risk and gain confidence as they tackle the physical climbing challenges. You can see all our rope playground equipment and its benefits here. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of playground equipment are there? 

    The KOMPAN playground equipment portfolio is comprised of four main categories: Nature Play, Freestanding Playground Equipment, COROCORD™ rope climbers, and our preconfigured play systems.

    Explore all commercial playground equipment here or jump to our wide range of outdoor fitness equipment here

    There are lots of options! What playground equipment should I choose?

    Often the size and purpose of your site, along with who is using it, will lead you to your answer! New to picking playground equipment for a commercial playground project? Book a free discovery meeting with a playground expert local to your state or city.

    What is the safest playground equipment?

    All KOMPAN playground equipment complies with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards. However, age-appropriateness always comes to play with playground equipment. We recommend following the stated age recommendations we set after kids test our products with true play! Must be a tough job!

    What is the difference between commercial and residential playground equipment?

    Commercial playground equipment is typically more extensive and more complex than residential equipment. It is designed to accommodate many children simultaneously and offers a broader range of play activities.

    Residential playgrounds are generally smaller and simpler in design, suited for a single family or a small group of children.

    Why are commercial playgrounds so expensive?

    Commercial playground equipment is designed to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, meaning they must be made from high-grade steel, durable plastics, and weather-resistant coatings. These materials come at a higher cost than those used in residential playgrounds, ensuring that the equipment can endure frequent and long-lasting use.

    What is the life expectancy of commercial playground equipment?

    All playgrounds face the trials of weather, use and abuse and will eventually succumb to the ravages of time. Postpone that day for a lifetime by choosing playground equipment of high-quality materials and strategic design. Quality costs, but quality also lasts. A simple equation that, in the fullness of time, pays dividends. You can read more about our high-quality materials here and warranties here.

    Do you have any playground equipment that isn't suited for public use?

    Not here! At KOMPAN, we’re in the business of commercial playground equipment, meaning every product is meant for use at schools, public parks, prominent urban spaces, or local businesses.