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Commercial Playground Equipment

Is this square one of your playground journey? Maybe you’ve seen an incredible outdoor space that left you inspired, and you’re ready to recreate it, but better.

Our collection of commercial outdoor play equipment (swing sets, slides, play systems, rope net climbers, etc.) has found homes in many settings. We’re proud to call landscape architects, school districts, municipalities, religious organizations, and housing & retail developers our partners in play, creating outdoor spaces that wow children and caretakers alike. These are safe, inspiring places for children to develop the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills that are essential for leading happy, healthy lives.

We design commercial playgrounds for:

Our Four Core Categories of Playground Equipment

Distinct in design and packed with play value, each collection of commercial playground equipment brings something special to an outdoor space.

Nature Play

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COROCORD™ Rope Climbing Playground Equipment

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Play Systems

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Freestanding Play Equipment

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Commercial Playground Equipment: What makes it “commercial?”

Buying a playset for personal, residential use is a relatively simple process. Two clicks on a Big-box store’s webpage can get your child and the neighborhood kids access to their own playhouse, just steps away in the backyard. Residential play structures have their own designated purpose, but at KOMPAN, we’re in the business of commercial playground equipment.

So what exactly makes playground equipment “commercial?” Don’t both commercial swing sets and residential swing sets let kids swing? Sure, the motion is the same. However, the safety and accessibility standards, quality of materials, installation process, user threshold, customization options, and price point make commercial playground equipment a more complex purchase decision for the usual buyer (government entities, schools, HOAs, places of worship.)

Safety Regulations: Organizations like the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) set safety guidelines for commercial playground equipment and home playground structures. Standards for commercial playground equipment are more rigid, dictating the surfacing underneath the structure, the highest accessible points of the equipment, and much more in between.

Accessibility:The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in daily activities, guaranteeing everyone has the same opportunities in work and play. Accessible pathways to and throughout the playground, inclusive safety surfacing, and regulations on accessing the actual play structures are addressed in the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design. These are guidelines commercial playgrounds must adhere to, whereas residential playset purchasers can make personal decisions around inclusivity.

Quality of Materials: It’s “no days off” for a busy school or public park playground, meaning commercial playgrounds are constructed with heavy-duty materials designed to withstand constant use.

Installation: A process that consists of several stages and lasts for two to eight weeks, commercial playground installation involves accessing the site for possible complications and securing play structures to heavy-duty surface mounts or underground concrete plates.

User Threshold: Recess during the school year, a nice day at the park, a bustling childcare center, or packed place of worship: a commercial playground is meant for the masses. The robustness in safety, materials, and installation detailed above make for playground structures that can handle the wear and tear of many little hands and shoes!

Customization Options: A commercial playground that shares in its hometown pride or fuels the children’s imaginations with a strong theme can transform a site into a landmark destination, jumpstarting the local economy.

Choosing the Right Playground Structures for your Commercial Space

  1. Users and Target Audience Understanding “who” is using your space and the age-appropriate play activities they’ll engage in should guide your choice in commercial playground equipment. Smaller themed play structures are a natural fit for a playground for a daycare center, while more thrilling play systems, like rope net climbers, better serve the older kids at a public park or elementary school.

  2. Accessibility The accessibility features of some equipment, like our universal carousel, are visibly apparent. Touchable and visual textures, like sensory panels and outdoor musical instruments, are great for children with sensory or cognitive disabilities to explore.

  3. Cost Applying for grants and securing additional funding can reduce your chances of having to make playground equipment compromises.

Playground Safety: Our Top Priority

Playgrounds at schools and parks are excellent places for children to improve physical, cognitive, and emotional skills in a fun, carefree way. But this pastime can’t happen if the environment isn’t safe, or the play opportunities presented aren’t age appropriate. Studies show “risky play” helps children learn how to adequately access risk, as well as build confidence; all-important skills needed for growing into happy, healthy, functioning adults. That’s why KOMPAN is committed to raising the bar with commercial playground equipment that consistently provides new thrills while never compromising on safety.

Fluent in the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC,) trust KOMPAN to use our industry expertise in every step of the process, from design conceptualization to playground installation. The basics of safety start with:

  • Compliant zoning and adequate spacing between playground equipment

  • Fall height (the distance between a playground structure and the safety surfacing below it)

  • Proper playground surfacing that absorbs impact from jumps and falls

Top-tier quality in materials is great for your commercial playground’s durability. Expect that high quality in safety to also mean:

  • Signage that designates proper age minimums

  • Tamper-proof clamps made of durable steel that eliminate the threat of pinch points on our rope net climbers

  • Anti-pinch fittings on freestanding playground equipment (i.e., see-saws and springers)

Beyond the Equipment: Additional Enhancements

Taking a great commercial playground and making it an exceptional outdoor recreation space requires more than the right play equipment. Children immediately run to the slides and swing sets, but what about their caretakers? Covering the comfort needs of all parties involved will encourage people to stay at your outdoor recreation site longer. Create a space where families can connect in the fresh air with:

  • Outdoor furniture (benches, tables, etc.)

  • Shading structures (for commercial play systems and seating areas)

  • Additional amenities (bike racks, trash cans, restrooms)

Want to get the adults moving? Our outdoor fitness equipment is a great addition to playgrounds for parks, churches, or any outdoor recreation space.

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