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Innovation through research

A KOMPAN playground is so much more than just a way of entertaining children. At its core, a playground is a place for children to practice vital life skills.  It is where social and emotional development are sparked through play. That’s why we have spent decades researching and testing our playground equipment, constantly optimizing outdoor play to ensure that children may benefit from the best experiences possible.

With our extensive research, KOMPAN has set new global standards for ways to play, innovating new play equipment like the popular springers and the award-winning Supernova. Designed to promote all aspects of child development, KOMPAN's creative playground solutions provide you with equipment for your specific play needs. Your community is one of a kind and your local play spaces should reflect that. At KOMPAN, we offer a comprehensive range of unique, durable revit playground equipment. We also support your playground design goals by providing our specialist expertise, helping you create the perfect playground experience for your community.  

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Our play equipment is divided into four overall categories. Explore them below.
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COROCORD™ Rope Climbing Playground Equipment

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Play Systems

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Freestanding Play Equipment

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Early Childhood

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What is the best combination of playground equipment?

There are so many choices to make when designing or updating a playground. 

Which style? Should it have a theme? Who is the target user group?  Is there more than one? What capacity is needed? Should I focus on certain play activities? What is the budget? Maybe you are looking for a natural playground?

These are just a few of the questions that can influence how you choose your specific playground equipment, and how they are arranged in the space available. At KOMPAN, we offer more than thousand products, and we are experts at helping you find that unique combination to match your exact needs.

Not sure where to begin?  Our playground equipment specialists have created inspirational solutions to help spark your imagination. The experts at KOMPAN are also available to offer you advice based on your personal requirements, to help ensure your success in creating the best possible playground for your community. Planning, buying and installing a new playground is exciting, and it can also feel overwhelming at times. To help guide you during the process, we offer free design proposal and support at every step of your journey - click here to get in touch with us.

The largest range of commercial playground equipment in the US

KOMPAN offers a complete range of commercial playground equipment. In our assortment, you can choose between single-user playground equipment or multi-user play structures in different styles, themes, materials, and colors - all at different price levels. With more than 1000 products to choose from, you are sure to find the look and functionality that best suits your needs.

Most of our products are configurable right on our website, so you can change size, accessibility and play activities. If you have a unique idea for a custom product that can’t be made from our configurator, we have a dedicated team at the KOMPAN Design Studio, that can help your vision come to life in a customized playground solution. KOMPAN Design Studio is a team filled with highly experienced designers, architects and engineers. Their purpose is to create unique, personalized playground equipment, making your design dreams come true.

Durable high-quality playground equipment 

From swings, to playhouses, carousels or  larger play towers, KOMPAN ensures that you are getting safe, high quality playground equipment that is also incredibly durable.  All of our equipment is designed, engineered, manufactured and tested according to the ASTM safety standard in order to withstand heavy use and extreme weather in unsupervised areas. Only the highest quality materials are chosen to guarantee long durability and limited maintenance in kindergartens, schools, parks, housing areas, shopping and retail areas and restaurants. 

The best playground equipment continuously innovated and improved

KOMPAN has been at the forefront of innovative manufacturing of commercial playground equipment for more than 50 years. It all started with the work of an artist, Tom Lindhardt, and since then architects and industrial designers have worked creatively to invent unique designs that are used in playgrounds all over the world. From the very beginning, there was great attention to the playground equipment users – the kids. Child development experts were added to the KOMPAN team to help collaborate with designers, integrating feedback from children into the product development process. 

KOMPAN Play Institute is our in-house research center that collects data on our products and how children flourish through play. Exceptional playground equipment has the power to assist a child in every step of their development process, pushing their physical limits and sparking creativity all while developing cognitive and social interaction skills. Every one of our offerings, from the standard range to our custom products, are designed with the KOMPAN Play Institute’s research in mind, always ensuring evidence-based, functional quality.

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