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The More Thrilling Playground

Research into thrilling play - As informed by older children

Older children love and need thrilling play in their development. But what do they consider to be thrilling?

In the following research done by the KOMPAN Play Institute, we sat down with a group of older children to ask that very question and discuss what they consider to be thrilling play. As a result, the truly thrilling KOMPAN Cliff Rider was born!

White paper

The more thrilling playground

7 considerations for thrilling play

7 Considerations for thrilling playgrounds

  1. Offer wildly thrilling play for all through gradual physical activities (e.g. ground level activities)

  2. Include responsive, physical play equipment that's wildly thrilling (e.g. bouncing, swinging, spinning)

  3. Offer height-based challenges and activities (e.g. towers, nets, bridges, the Cliff Rider)

  4. Offer speed-based challenges and activities (e.g. slides, Track Riders, Supernovas and other spinners).

  5. Present the opportunity for children to meander and feel lost within the structures (e.g. hide-and-seek type games, labyrinths).

  6. Include water-themed elements that allow for jumping from rock to rock and not falling into the water.

  7. Include games and/or competitive elements that are time-based.

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