Let's make your visions come true


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Let's make visions come true

Architects are key stakeholders to KOMPAN and to our customers. Together with architects, we create spaces where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves through play or exercise. Every space planning process includes consideration of the functional and aesthetic purposes of the project as well as the special features of the given space and its surroundings. Our goal is to ensure that the exact requirements of the architecture as well as of the users of the future space are met. 

To help create the optimal solution to the creative and functional demands, KOMPAN offers the backup of our team of experts in play and movement, from play consultants, designers, engineers, and technicians, to landscape architects. In this way, working with KOMPAN is scaled to fit your specific project scenario. KOMPAN offers a wide range of design solutions for diverse landscapes and cityscapes, combining a variety of design expressions and high-quality materials with the sought-after user experience. We have the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of ready-made play and activity pieces to choose from. If needed, the piece can be modified, or you can decide to have your space designed from scratch to become a unique landmark through our special task force, KOMPAN Design Studio. 

When searching for inspiration and the right product pieces, you can browse through the KOMPAN website to find and download all the necessary files and technical documentation, enabling you to create your unique solution for the play and activity space. The following selection of cases from across the globe presents some of the outstanding solutions that our clients and their clients have created together with KOMPAN. Get inspired here and learn more about how to plan your solution together with our skilled consultants and release the potential of your architectural visions.

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Let's make your visions come true

Customized solutions

The KOMPAN Design Studio is a special unit within the KOMPAN Group that focuses on creating brand-new, innovative play structures and solutions that are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of our customers. This special task force, consisting of Designers, Engineers, Landscape Architects, and other specialists with extensive experience in the play industry, is committed to adding creativity and play value to customized solutions. 

The KOMPAN Design Studio utilizes the entire KOMPAN network of specialists and cooperates closely with the KOMPAN Play and Sport & Fitness institutes, our research unit for play and movement. Your solution, in other words, will be aesthetically as well as functionally exactly what you envisioned, and a project that your client and not least, the future users of the space, can take pride in. In developing the right solution to meet the specific requirements specified by our customers, the KOMPAN Design Studio also works closely with external partners, such as architects, landscape architects, engineers, and other specialists. 

A KOMPAN, airplane design play structure

A partnership from ideation to completion

When creating unique solutions, the team utilizes the entire KOMPAN network, looking for the best choice of materials in order to create unique products that work well with the terrain and other conditions specific to the customer’s site. With the KOMPAN Design Studio, you communicate with a single partner from idea to completion, and this allows us to guarantee a coherent and holistic concept.

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Wooden playground sculpture of a dinosaur at Helsingborg, Sweden

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