Planning Resources & Tools for Playgrounds & Fitness Sites

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How to plan outdoor fitness and playground areas

Designing and building a carefully thought-out playground or outdoor fitness site takes a lot of consideration and many decisions along the way. We have gathered more than 50 years of knowledge about the best tools and resources to simplify the planning process for playgrounds and outdoor fitness sites.

How to get Started with Playground Planning

At KOMPAN, we're committed to providing the best service, resources, and expert advice to ensure your new outdoor activity area turns out exactly how you dreamed it. We hope our tools and resources enable you to make the best decisions.

How to plan your playground project

Students running out to a playground during recess

School playground design ideas

Boy with a walker sitting on a slide on inclusive play system

How to design inclusive playgrounds

How to get funding for your playground project

Children playing on a playground with a play panel

What does it cost to build a playground?

Construction team installing a wooden playground structure

Commercial Playground Installation

A man fixing a slide in a playground

Playground Maintenance and Repair Guide

Playground Surfacing Options

Playground Shading Solutions

two girl climbing on playground equipment in a park

Playground Safety Inspection

Playground Equipment Replacement Parts

Benefits of Natural Playgrounds

How to get Started with Planning your Outdoor Gym

people working out on a outdoor fitness area - hero image

How to plan an outdoor fitness area

outdoor gym in germany with multiple calisthenics equipment

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Gym?

A man in a wheelchair working out on inclusive fitness equipment outdoors

How to design inclusive public outdoor fitness sites

two seniors working out on outdoor fitness equipment in a park

How to Design a Functional Park for Seniors

woman working out on outdoor calisthenics equipment

How to build a Callisthenics Park

Man jumping over hurdles on an obstacle course in the woods

How To Build an Obstacle Course for Adults

How to build a multi sport court

A New Standard - Designing Greener Playgrounds

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