How much does it cost to build an outdoor gym?

outdoor gym in germany with multiple calisthenics equipment

How to break down the cost of an outdoor gym

To help you understand how much it costs to build a public outdoor gym, from start to finish, we have broken down all the costs involved in a typical outdoor commercial fitness project. From experience, we know that an overall budget for building an outdoor gym, for all ages and abilities, breaks down into five main categories, including:

  • Outdoor fitness equipment: 60%

  • Safety surfacing: 20%

  • Site amenities: 0-10%

  • Shipping: 10%

  • Installation: 10%

Let's start determining the overall cost by looking into the largest portion of your budget, the price of outdoor gym equipment.

How much does outdoor fitness equipment cost?

The cost of your public outdoor fitness site depends primarily on the exercise equipment itself, so how much does outdoor fitness equipment cost?

Well, it depends. How big is your fitness site? Are you looking for a custom-built fitness solution? How many pieces of equipment are you looking for? What is the quality of the materials used? By taking the time to answer some of these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of the total price of the fitness equipment for your site.

When it comes to choosing the material for your fitness equipment, you’ll want to make sure you invest in high-quality products that will withstand the test of time. Keep in mind, the featured materials will impact the cost. In areas with high wear and tear and an increased risk of vandalism, exercise machines made of steel and high-density polyethene will reduce your maintenance costs significantly. Wooden outdoor gym equipment, made from Robinia, will keep the maintenance costs low and extend the lifetime of your fitness site as well.

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How do you budget for an outdoor gym?

Let's look into the considerations that will impact your overall budget:
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1. Outdoor gym design and layout

The design phase connects all the elements of the build; the more complex the design solution, the higher the cost. Along with the designer, you'll need to ensure there is ample space around the equipment to avoid injuries and maintain clear paths between equipment. We also always recommend engaging your local community in the design phase. It will take a little longer, but it ensures that your outdoor gym meets the users' needs.

three men doing push ups on outdoor fitness equipment in wood

2. Outdoor gym equipment

Will you start from scratch or reuse existing exercise equipment? Do you need to install shade and outdoor furniture? This is where you decide on the right exercise equipment, which can drive the cost up or down. Are you building an outdoor fitness park for seniors or older adults, young and fit, or a community park that encapsulates all abilities and exercise levels? Scoping the purpose of the site is imperative when determining the overall cost.

outdoor gym with various calisthenics equipment

3. Shipping costs

You must also bear in mind the shipping of the exercise equipment. Like with the cost of the equipment itself, the delivery will also drive the overall budget up or down, depending on the freight, shipping costs, and your timeline. Just to let you know, KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment is comparable to machines and exercise equipment from indoor gyms and will hold up during the transportation journey as well as use for many, many years.

How do you budget for an outdoor gym?

4. Landscaping

Not all outdoor gym installations are ready-to-fit solutions. A fitness site often requires extensive landscaping and preparation before installation.

Sometimes, the site has existing equipment. The removal of this existing equipment can also impact the cost. Additionally, not all fitness sites are built on soft soil. If you are planning the site in a complicated soil area, digging is complex. At KOMPAN, we conduct on-site inspections on any third-party manufacturer's equipment – even for those that no longer exist.

Your local sales consultant can estimate the price through a site survey.

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5. Surfacing

Surfacing makes up a significant part of your budget. To get a better idea of cost, consider fall height requirements, inclusivity and accessibility needs, and maintenance cost.

KOMPAN utilizes pour-in-place rubber, available in many colors patterns that guide the exercise route and paths around the site. For example, if you choose an obstacle course or a fitness trail. Pour-in-place rubber also ensures accessibility for wheelchair users and requires very little maintenance.

outdoor gym with obstacle course and fitness stations

6. Site amenities

A commercial outdoor gym often needs to cater to things other than just exercise. As such, consider commercial outdoor furniture like tables and benches to give users have somewhere to rest, encouraging them to stay longer, as well as trash cans to keep the place nice and clean. Owners of commercial outdoor fitness sites are also responsible for always keeping their fitness areas safe. We recommend sites with shading to avoid overheating and dehydration. A water fountain will also attract users and keep them safe.

two men installing an outdoor gym

7. Construction and installation

You have different options for construction and installation, depending on the complexity of your outdoor fitness site. Working with separate companies can add to the cost of your site, whereas working with KOMPAN as your only supplier can reduce the overall cost. When you work with us exclusively, you can also ensure the equipment will be installed properly.

Visit our installation page to read and learn more about a full-service installation from KOMPAN.

How do you budget for an outdoor gym?

8. Inspections and maintenance

Our KOMPAN maintenance teams have years of experience with inspections, installation, and after-service care. As an extra resource, we offer all-inclusive Expert Maintenance Agreements. Keep in mind, this is an additional cost consideration; however, it will ensure your site is always safe and in the best possible condition.

If you want a free quote on your specific service and repair needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with your local KOMPAN sales office.

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Why do outdoor gyms cost so much?

As a rule of thumb, outdoor exercise equipment takes up around 50-60% of your budget. The rest of your budget includes necessary services related to the actual build, including shipping and installation costs. You must also ensure that your commercial outdoor gym meets local and federal rules and regulations around safety. This process can also impact the overall price.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to build an outdoor fitness site?

The cost of an outdoor gym is challenging to put an exact number on. We recommend breaking down the costs according to the abovementioned guidelines.

What affects the price of outdoor gym equipment?

The delivery of the outdoor gym equipment drives the cost up or down, depending on the freight and shipping costs as well as your timeline. Additionally, the number of machines and choice of material can also impact the overall price of the outdoor gym equipment.

What should I consider when budgeting for an outdoor gym area?

You must consider equipment, safety surfacing, shipping, installation cost, and landscaping as part of the overall budget.

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