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Balancing on the playground: Basic but important

A somersault bar or a stepping pod might look fairly simple, but when children play on balancing playground equipment, they're benefiting from some of the best tools for child development. 

How can you design a playground with intelligence? It's a combination of choosing visually-appealing equipment that grabs a child's attention and helps them improve essential motor and life skills, all in the background of their play. Balancing playground equipment "strikes this balance" perfectly for children of all ages; it's an excellent solution for daycares, Universal Transitional Kindergartens, elementary, and middle schools.

Check out our range of balance playground equipment below and take one step closer to your perfect outdoor space.

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    Benefits of Climbing and Balancing Playground Equipment 

    Balance is a stability skill that isn't taught, but rather, developed through repetition. Balance is vital in practically every aspect of life. We see it in a great athlete defined by their superior sense of balance, a parent carrying their child counter-balances for safety, and an older person relies on it to safely move about their environment, like using an escalator. Balancing also helps train the eyesight and a child's ability to concentrate. When climbing, a child improves both their sense of achievement and cross-coordination skills, factors that eventually help them learn to read. 

    Balancing playground equipment often encourages or involves an element of group play, whether through a competitive race or friendly cooperative activities. The unrestricted social interaction during this group play is unique to the playground environment and an invaluable step in child development. Seeing the non-physical benefits of play sits at the core of what we do at KOMPAN, which is why our playground equipment is specifically designed with this in mind. 

    Together with its physical attributes, our balancing playground equipment for toddlers and children uses intelligent, research-driven design to ensure it offers the best development opportunities. Climbing during play allows children to practice their gross motor skills and grow their passion for physical movement. When healthy habits are built at an early age, it can lead to a healthy lifestyle throughout adulthood. 

    Why Choose Climbing & Balancing Playground Equipment? 

    Our range of early years balancing equipment includes natural wooden choices alongside metal options, familiarizing children with a variety of textures and sensations as they play. The combination of unique standalone equipment and play structures allow playground designers to create diverse, engaging spaces that immediately encourage children to explore.

    Are you interested in more of our freestanding playground equipment? Follow the links to our seesaw playground equipment and slides - two playground essentials, along with our rope climbing playground equipment, Corocord™.

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