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Commercial playground slides are just one of many popular playground activities. No matter their age, children love a good playground slide! When visiting a playground, the slide is often the activity they run to first, and they'll yearn for one last ride before heading home! A commercial playground slide is available in three versions: a slide connected to a playground structure, attached to an embankment, or a freestanding playground slide.

The main difference between a traditional home slide and a commercial playground slide is that residential slides are for private use and commercial slides are for public use. Public slides require stringent safety standards and certifications compliant with national legislation. 

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    Benefits of Playground Slides

    Commercial playground slides are a thrilling rush and contribute to motor-skill development. It's a piece of classic playground equipment loved by kids everywhere. When in doubt: A metal playground slide is a safe choice with a 'fun-factor' guarantee. No matter the design, slide playground equipment intrigues and challenges children. When they're climbing up or shooting down a playground slide, children train and improve agility, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. They're all skills necessary for life off the playground, like judging distance and navigating safely in traffic.  

    Slides for playgrounds require younger children to anticipate cause and effect and manage rhythms. The height and length of playground slides train children's judgement of distance and speed. All these cognitive abilities are crucial developmental skills to require through childhood and can be learned by sliding in a fun playground.  Sliding also encourages the development of social skills and is a great way to be with peers playing and practicing taking turns when sliding down. 

    Durable Construction for Long-lasting Play

    Working with playground equipment for nearly 50 years has allowed us to take the quality of our equipment to the next level. Our playground slides are durable constructions available in three different materials: molded on piece PE slides, Combined EcoCore™ sides and stainless-steel slide or full stainless steel, all with longevity in mind.   As a manufacturer, we are CPSC-certified, which tells you that our slides comply with safety guidelines. You can also read more about our industry-leading warranties on the different types of slides, as warranties differ from material to material.  

    Customizable Slides for a Unique Playground Experience 

    Slide chutes come in many different shapes, materials and colors. They can be curved, straight, spiral or tunnel and are made from either bright and vibrant composite, PE or stainless steel. Our commercial freestanding playground slides are straight and vary in height and width. Moreover, they are truly customizable, so choosing colors, material combinations, and side panels is totally up to you.  

    Embanked slides are ideal for reducing the risk of falling. The play advantage of an embankment slide is the interaction that can occur with friends when going down the same hill as friends running or climbing up or down. Our range of embankment slides also come in curved and long versions. 

    With seesaw playgrounds and classic swings, the slide is an original yet essential part of any playground. Are you interested in more playground equipment? Check out our rope climbing play equipment too! 

    How to Choose the Right Slide for a Commercial Playground? 

    Playground slides are a classic playground structure, and when looking into finding the perfect slide for your playground, here are some factors to consider when selecting commercial playground slides: 


    Composite, PE and stainless steel are the most common materials used for commercial playground slides. All materials have pros and cons, but they are all equally safe and durable. A metal playground slide generates more speed and will stand the test of time, but the midday sun will turn the heat-conducting metal into a scorching surface. A PE slide is a little slower, does not heat to the same degree as metal, and is more likely to attract younger children with its vibrant and vivid colors. To sum up, it's up to you whether you are going for a metal or PE commercial playground slide.

    Size and Age Group 

    Choosing the right size of playground slide for your project depends on the user, which may lead you to the right choice in material. A tall slide is often more likely to generate attraction for school-aged kids, where younger children and toddlers will prefer shorter playground slides.

    Style and Color 

    Often style and color choices also depend on the user group. However, the location may also have a say in the chosen aesthetic. Choose colors that appeal to the age group, the play area's surroundings, and other playground equipment. Is your playground in an urban neighborhood or a green space? This may also impact your style and color choice. Maybe you already have a themed playground with an existing color palette. A slide color that matches and the surrounding playground equipment is a great idea. 

    So, what other elements to feature to make the playground even better? Your public playground can cater for many hours of fun when paired with other freestanding equipment, such as swings, springers and seesaws.


    Cost considerations are important when choosing a freestanding playground slide for your public space. Your slide's materials, shape and size will impact the cost, but try to view your choice in high-quality playground equipment as an investment. A stainless-steel slide option is a more costly affair, but in the long run, higher prices often indicate higher quality and longevity. Regarding safety for all users of your playground, spending more money on a product to ensure safety regulations are met is the best investment for everybody.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I replace the slides on an existing playground?

    Yes! Even if your playground slide was bought and installed by another manufacturer, we can help you replace existing freestanding playground equipment.

    2. Can the slides be customized?

    Yes. Width, length, side panels, colors, materials and the chute's shape: our options provide great flexibility and many options for customization.

    3. How much space do I need for commercial playground slides?

    Playgrounds with public access must have properly-spaced equipment and fall heights for safety. The zone surrounding a commercial playground slide should be a minimum of 6 feet. Please consult your local sales rep or installation instructions for the proper zone measurements for any freestanding play equipment.

    4. What are the safety considerations when installing slides?

    All commercial freestanding playground equipment must be installed according to stringent safety regulations and with proper use or safety zones in place around the equipment. Do not hesitate to contact your local sales consultant for more information on safety considerations when installing commercial playground slides.

    5. Do I need to install the slides myself?

    You don't have to install commercial playground slides yourself. At KOMPAN, we offer installation services to take the work off your shoulders. Please chat with your local sales consultant about our installation services to get a free quote.