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Concept design for an outdoor fitness site package

Outdoor fitness sites that are ready to go!

Outdoor fitness packages for all users, purposes, and locations: People are shifting to the outdoors to get more active and fulfill their exercise needs. To accommodate this growing trend, we designed a series of ready-made outdoor fitness packages that will help you hit the ground running on your next fitness project!

Check out the suggested solution packages below for more details. Then get started on building your outdoor gym with our planning checklist.

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Your dream outdoor fitness space in front of your eyes - it's no sweat! ImaginIt does the heavy lifting for you with 3D visualizations in minutes!

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Concept design for an outdoor fitness site package

Fitness Packages

women using outdoor cardio gym equipment in a park gym


people using outdoor strength training gym equipment


outdoor functional training fitness equipment

Cross Training

Street Workout

elderly outdoor gym equipment for seniors

Stay Fit

outdoor obstacle courses ninja warrior assault course equipment reference image

Obstacle Courses

Kids playing soccer in an outdoor multisport arena


Cross Training Compact

outdoor wooden fitness equipment for park gyms reference image

Wooden Fitness

People working out on wooden fitness equipment

Robinia Obstacle Courses

signage and accessories for outdoor gyms reference image

Signs & Accessories

Get inspired with these outdoor fitness case studies

an outdoor gym with calisthenics equipment

Longleaf Fitness Center | Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Customer Case

design concept of outdoor cardio machines and cross training by a boardwalk

Active Boardwalk

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