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They say ‘age is just a number,’ but when sitting down, getting up and taking the stairs are uncomfortable or downright painful, those daily tasks become a nagging reminder of that increasing number. With that decreased mobility comes a heightened risk of trips, slips and falls; stumbles that can lead to serious mishaps. In fact, three-quarters of fatal and non-fatal accidents involving older people are caused by slipping or stumbling. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can help our seniors maintain, and possibly improve their strength and mobility with KOMPAN’s outdoor exercise equipment for elderly.

Designed with senior bodies in mind and backed by research, our goal with the Stay Fit collection is to promote active, healthy aging by mimicking movements found in everyday life. Navigating uneven surfaces, working on balance, and tackling steps might seem simplistic to some, but our outdoor fitness equipment for seniors provides a training space to work on these fundamental skills, outdoors and in the fresh air! For example, our Up & Go helps our seniors find a base of physical mobility, and our Balance Board mimics the action of pressing a button on a moving bus, a task some seniors may find themselves doing daily. These might be small tasks some take for granted until the ability is taken away, and by keeping up the work, seniors can move more actively through their golden years.

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The average lifespan of a caveman was 25 years. Today, you can expect to live into your 90s. Yes, the physical threats have greatly diminished in our modern world, but our life expectancy is exponentially increasing. In 1800, the average life expectancy was 34 years, by 1950 it was 62 and by 2020, it was 82! What’s behind it?  Better diet, access to medication and lifestyle are expected. Which one can you improve, free of charge? KOMPAN Stay Fit outdoor fitness equipment for elderly is your ticket to better health at no cost to you!  

Frequently asked questions about our outdoor exercise equipment for seniors

Do I need to be fit to stay fit? Having a baseline level of fitness makes things easier than starting from scratch, but that’s not the purpose of our outdoor exercise equipment for seniors. This isn't an outdoor obstacle course for adults or outdoor calisthenics equipment. Stay Fit replicates the movements of everyday mobility and through that, leads to the freedom of an active, healthy life. When practiced regularly, the basic exercises will help in avoiding a potentially harmful trip or fall.

Do I need an expert to explain how to use the Stay Fit equipment? No, the exercises are simple. Beyond sustaining or improving mobility, a major benefit is in building confidence.

Any tips to avoid trips and slips? One good way to stay out of the doctor's office is by making your home look less like an obstacle course! Try to clear trailing cables, tricky rugs, clutter and unsuitable floor coverings. Uneven or damaged floors and stairs can also be dangerous. A tidy living space is a safer living space.

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