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Playground sets: the center stage for play

A commercial playground set, or playground system, is the Crown Jewel of the playground. It's the central focal point of the space that makes a defining statement with its size, character, and individuality. With a wide variety of design aesthetics and the power to target specific age groups, playground sets can entertain toddlers new to the playground, up to the teens gearing up for graduation.

From the clean and uncomplicated Simply Play Towers to the twisty Elements™. Add a flair of drama with our Castles and Ships. From the futuristic BLOQX™ and Galaxy™ to the digitally-enhanced Smart Playground, each of the preconfigured playground sets makes its own unique declaration of fun.  

Our range of Play Systems includes multifunctional playground equipment that takes many shapes and purposes, all while allowing for a high number of users for simultaneous play. They're typically the playground showstoppers, taking center stage of the space and tying together the freestanding play equipment. It's where children are called to interact, socialize and play together. 

Browse our Play Systems below and discover which one will best grab attention and hearts on your playground. 

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MOMENTS™ Play Systems

Large play system in a park with multiple slides and climbing options


school agers playing on thrilling play tower in schoolyard


Tweens playing on GALAXY play system in a school yard.


Teens climbing on climbing bloqx in an urban area


Children having fun on a ship themed playground in a public park

Pirate Ships

Children playing on a castle themed playground in a park


children climbing and sliding on colourful playground set


Toddler climbing on a play system designed for toddlers

Toddler Multiplay

children playing on a fairy tale themed digital play system

The Smart Playground™ (DIGITAL)

Your digital playground inspiration tool

ImaginIt 3D visualization app

ImaginIt lets you test your wildest ideas and see them come to life as 3D playground and fitness visualizations - right in front of your eyes!

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Benefits of Our Playground Sets 

"How does it support a child's development?" Of all the questions about playgrounds and the value of time spent on them, this one is the most pertinent. Play may appear to be an innocent pastime, but it holds a crucial importance. From motor skills to communication, lessons on empathy to personal achievement, "child's play" is anything but trivial!  

A large playground system brings play value by catering to the appropriate cognitive, social-emotional, creative, and physical benefits for the intended age group.

Your Dream Playground Is Already Configured 

All Play Systems are designed with a modular building block platform, allowing you to add, alter and remove various play elements to accommodate your setting, intended user group and budget.There are several advantages when choosing a preconfigured playground set over freestanding playground equipment. Preconfigured playground systems have many play activities on a single structure – guaranteeing all children will be entertained. Play systems and their playground equipment have fewer repairs and lower maintenance needs than freestanding playground equipment, as its configuration is sturdier. Also, installation for a commercial playground set is easier. You'll have one build, rather than a handful of steps for assorted playground equipment. When opting for a commercial playground set, safety and spacing is guaranteed, like ensuring slides are appropriately distanced to American safety standards. Compact and compliant, playground sets are great for limited spaces. Preconfigured play systems are built to meet industry standards and are certified for safety, making repairs and replacements simple.

How to Choose the Right Playground Set 

KOMPAN offers various playground systems to suit any setting, customer, user demographic and budget. Each range is manufactured with a combination of play elements, values, and materials to cater to a specific theme, user group or aesthetic. Here's what you should consider when choosing the right commercial playground set for your project. 


Who is using the equipment? Different age groups have different needs in play and development, so it's important to define your intended audience.  


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can enforce it, and KOMPAN full-heartedly agrees with it: a truly inclusive playground lives up to its name only when it creates an accessible, engaging world for all children, regardless of their abilities. Include relevant elevated play activities that are made accessible by a ramp, or ground level activities with thrills, like speed or the feeling of getting lost. Consider a playground system with sensory and tactile play variations, along with options for solitary play and social play and play from all sides.

Playground area 

We mentioned how great a commercial play system can be for tight spaces, but always have the specific size of your designated play area in mind. We can help you decide on the best commercial play system for your area with an on-site consultation or discovery call. 


Playground sets have a recommended play capacity, or how many children can be on the structure simultaneously. Schools typically need playground equipment with a high play capacity. Also, you'll need to decide if the playground system is for the younger or older students.  


A simple consultation with a play consultant will only bring great benefits to your playground project. We love hearing our customers' brilliant ideas and turning them into reality. In a free consultation, we can align budget and customization options to get the most out of your project and build the playground of your dreams!

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PCM Floor
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Springlake Hotel



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Frequently asked questions

What age groups are these preconfigured playground sets designed for?

Toddler or teen; there's a Playground Set for everyone!

Themed Play Systems WOW children and adults alike.KOMPAN's collection of themed play includes:

Looking for something that offers playsets for a larger age group? Our MOMENTS™ and ELEMENTS™ Play Structures cover everyone from toddlers to tweens.

Teens and older kids will enjoy the climbing challenges on our Galaxy™ andBLOQX™lines.

 If you want a more natural aesthetic, explore our Nature Play category.

Are the preconfigured playground systems safe?

Absolutely. ALL KOMPAN playground systems are all commercial grade and compliant with US standards. This ensures better peace of mind since you won't have to manually account for each freestanding equipment's safety zones. 

Who are the playground systems best for?

Are you looking for a lot of bang for your buck? Just one system packs a lot of equipment in a smaller amount of space, ensuring loads of play activity and stay ability. 

Why is color so important on the playground?

Color is a silent language. It speaks to us all, warning us of danger or sharing in delights. A baby starts to recognize color at eight months old. From that moment on, colors play a vital role in their development. Bright primary colors draw children in. Artist and KOMPAN founder Tom Lindhardt, used yellow, blue, and red extensively in his early works. Green was left out, as he felt it was already present on the grass surrounding the playground.