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How are Commercial Playgrounds installed?

Installation site with workers and a large crane

How long will it take to Install a Commercial Playground?

There are many complexities to building a playground, and we understand it can be a complicated process. Rest assured, we’re ready help you through it and be your partner in planning and execution.

A rule of thumb is to expect commercial playground installation to take anywhere from two to eight weeks. It consists of several stages where parties involved decide on installation type, prepare the site, choose safety surfacing and landscaping, and ensure commercial playground safety regulations are compliant.

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The Three Stages of Playground Installation

KOMPAN provides commercial playground installation services, and our install team will walk you through the process and ensure you have a thorough understand of all rules and safety regulations.
Closeup of workers visiting a playground site pre-installation

1. Pre-installation site visit

Our goal with a site visit is to ensure everything is ready for installation. We’ll be looking to see if trucks, Bobcats, or cranes can easily access the site, and whether there’s existing surfacing or equipment in need of removal. This inspection also includes mapping for water, gas, power, and drainage lines, and we’ll assess any needs for tree root and excess soil removal. Remember these factors can affect the installation process* and cost.

*Local permits must be processed before installation, and approval times can vary; keep in mind a license’s processing time and approval can vary from state to state.

installation of wooden playground at Randers Regnskov in Denmark

2. Installation

It's go time; we're ready to install! A KOMPAN playground installation process includes all the stops: project supervision, safety surfacing, landscaping, and core installation.

How can we know a playground is safe? By working with professionals who have the knowledge and experience to correctly install all items and equipment. Our KOMPAN technicians work according to all local safety standards and regulations, along with our stringent KOMPAN guidelines and installation manuals.

post-installation inspection of a playground in Randesr Regnskov

3. Post-installation inspection

Your playground is installed and almost ready for action. Expect a full delivery inspection where we'll check safety requirement compliancy and make sure all details are in place.

Whether your playground was delivered directly through us or a third party, KOMPAN can assist you with all types of professional inspections.

Once installed, you should also ensure your playground is regularly inspected and maintained. You can learn more using our playground maintenance and repair guide.

Why use a professional commercial company?

KOMPAN installation teams worldwide have years of experience in the playground industry. As such, we offer customers the most in-depth guidance on inspections and repairs to ensure your sure playground is maintained to the highest standards.
Installation site with workers and a large crane

1. Inspection recommendations

KOMPAN is ready to assist you with a variety of playground inspections. We can recommend one of our trusted third-party vendors to provide inspection services.

These inspections include:

  • Visual inspection

  • Functional inspection

  • Safety inspection

2. Maintenance resources

To ensure the longevity of your playground equipment, we provide complete maintenance, repair, and replacement resources on KOMPAN Master.

Here, you can find in-depth guidance on:

  • Tightening loose fasteners

  • Fitting missing parts

  • Replacement of broken or worn parts

playground installation drawing of a wooden playground

3. After-sales support

Even though our playground structures are designed to withstand the test of time, you may find yourself in need of after-sales support.

We can assist you with:

  • Robinia maintenance

  • Spare part support

  • Warranty claims

What should you expect?

As a global company, KOMPAN operates around the world with hundreds of partners. For more than 50 years, we’ve worked with public and private sectors to install playgrounds around the world. We're confident our teams have successfully installed playground equipment in any circumstance or terrain imaginable.

  1. Depending on the size of your playground project, expect many parts and pieces of equipment to be "knocked down," or not yet assembled*.

  2. If you've decided to install the playground yourself, enlist several people to help unload the truck. Be sure to secure a safe, dry space to store the equipment.

  3. Creating safe playing environments is our top priority. We only work with experienced, certified technicians and provide regular training in the latest safety standards.

*It will take roughly one month to install a commercial playground. Remember lead times are only estimates and may fluctuate.

To learn more about the rules and best practices for playground safety, read the playground safety handbook provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Additionally, you can read the CPSC’s checklist of recommendations here. Our team of experts is here to help, whether you've chosen a full KOMPAN installation or are self-installing.

Not so far along in the process? Check our playground grant guide to see if you can secure more funding for your project. Have you considered incorporating outdoor fitness into your site? See our fitness site planning checklist and bring more movement to your community.

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