Inspection program for dynamic fitness equipment

Regular inspection of your dynamic fitness equipment prolongs equipment lifetime, reduces downtime, and protects your initial investment. All of which results in peace of mind for you.

Even premium needs care to stay premium

It is like with cars – to secure a long, well-performing lifetime of the car, it needs regular care.

It is the same for our dynamic fitness equipment, including cardio equipment like cross trainers, arm bikes, and city bikes as well as strength training equipment. These products perform in all weather conditions and contain moving parts - therefore, they also need proper, regular care to stay premium.

Popular equipment needs extra care

Dynamic fitness equipment are often the most popular items on the fitness site, and with popularity comes heavy usage. We have compensated for that by using the best materials and production methods on the market, however, inspection and care is what will keep the equipment healthy.

With our inspection contract, we make sure our specialist staff perform regular inspection on your equipment, and we prioritize fast and reliable repairs that keep your equipment healthy.

What is an inspection program?

An inspection program is an agreement with us to care for your dynamic fitness equipment after it has been installed and is in use. We make sure regular care inspections are conducted, minor repairs are carried out, and you are up to date on the condition of your dynamic fitness equipment.

Why buy an inspection program?

It is really very simple – taking good care of your dynamic fitness equipment will make them live longer and function better. And inspecting your products regularly will help address any minor issues and correct them before they grow into costly problems. Ultimately that means less worry for you, less downtime, and a significant reduction of unexpected costs. We believe, it is a small price to pay for a reliable protection of your initial investment.

What does an inspection contract cover?

All KOMPAN’s dynamic fitness equipment comes with a substantial 2-year warranty. So, during the first two years of the equipment’s lifetime, we will cover cost on issues that fall under our warranty conditions.

However, the warranty does not cover defects that have been caused by vandalism, improper care, negligence and normal wear and tear. So, taking regular care of your outdoor fitness equipment should be seen as an implicit part of your initial investment.

Who conducts the inspections?

We only use trained and certified technicians who understand the intricacies of your fitness equipment. Their expertise ensures that your equipment is in the hands of professionals, guaranteeing top-notch service.

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