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Main Catalog 2023

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Green Brochure

kompan outdoor fitness catalogue frontpage

Fitness & Sport - For Outdoors

Themed Play Concepts

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Corocord Inspirational Brochure

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Robinia Play Sculptures

kompan outdoor furniture catalog

Outdoor Furniture

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Main Catalog 2023

Playgrounds for a Greener Future

Outdoor Fitness & Sport

Outdoor Play, Fitness and Furniture Catalogs

If you are looking for high-quality outdoor equipment, you have come to the right place! KOMPAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and public outdoor playgrounds, fitness, and furniture equipment. We offer a wide range of products, from swings and slides to climbing frames and outdoor gym equipment. We also offer a custom design service, so we can create the perfect playground or fitness site for you – and make your special place come true.

Our catalogs are a great way to browse our products and get inspiration for your next project.

  • Our "Main Catalog" contains all of our playground, fitness, and furniture equipment, including classic playground equipment like swings, slides, and climbing frames as well as equipment for more modern playgrounds like a wooden castle playground or wooden pirate ship playground.

  • Our Green Brochure "Playgrounds for a greener future” describes how we take part in the responsibility of lowering carbon emissions when building playgrounds by focusing on the issues that have the most impact on CO2 emissions – namely raw materials.

  • Our "Fitness & Sport - For Outdoors" catalog showcases our range of gym elements that can be used to create outdoor fitness spaces for park gyms, universities, hospitals, or anywhere else you'd like to help the whole community stay active.

  • Our "Robinia Play Sculptures" brochure showcases inspirational and unique custom-designed playgrounds. In this brochure, you will discover that no idea is impossible, and our KOMPAN Design Studio can help your vision come to life.

  • Our inspirational brochures for "Corocord™" and "GIANTS" contain a range of concepts and ideas to inspire you to create your perfect playground. Here, you will meet inspirational concepts of all sizes that guarantee every child has fun.

  • In our "Outdoor Furniture" brochure, you will discover equipment and site amenities that can help you finalize the look and feel of your playground or fitness area.

So, whether you are looking for inspiration or are ready to buy, our equipment publications are a great place to start.

Download your preferred catalog or brochure online or order a free physical copy today. Contact us for help with any additional questions, be it prices, recommendations, or tips.