Inclusive playground equipment

Looking for inclusive playground equipment for your school, daycare, city park, or other outdoor space? If so, KOMPAN can help.

For more than half a century, KOMPAN has been dedicated to creating exceptional playgrounds for children of all abilities. Our playgrounds and play equipment are not only safe and ADA compliant, but they’re also backed by thorough research from our in-house experts at the KOMPAN Play Institute. So, when you choose KOMPAN, you can be sure you’re providing stimulating, challenging, thrilling, and interactive play opportunities to the children you serve.

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Inclusive inspiration from around the world

Our dedication to inclusivity knows no bounds. From right here in the US to far across the pond in the UK, KOMPAN is bringing children of all abilities together, shaping minds and changing communities – one playground at a time.
child with walker on inclusive playground structure at filadelfia epilepsy hospital

Children's Epilepsy Hospital, Denmark

"The playground allows the kids to play together now. something they couldn't do before. that makes me really happy."

– Martin Beck Iversen, Father

4 children on the birds nest swing at Riverside Intermediate School

Riverside Intermediate School, United States

"It really facilitates making new friendships, building those relationships, and those kids who are a little slower to warm up, a little slower to get involved, and feel comfortable enough to reach out to other kids have a place they can go rather than sit and be isolated."

– Amy Samuelson, Parent-Teacher Organization

An excited child in a wheelchair playing on a playground

Frimley Lodge Park, United Kingdom

"We come again today. And we will be here next week and the week after."

– Hayley Auton, Mother

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All of our inclusive playground equipment is developed using universal design principles as well as research and user testing from the experts at KOMPAN Play Institute.

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Creating equity in play

Everyone can’t do everything, but making sure everyone can do something is how we create equity. You can create equity within your play space by taking an inclusive approach. That means incorporating play equipment that is accessible, comfortable, and usable as well as stimulating, challenging, and thrilling. Doing so allows children with physical or cognitive disabilities to move their bodies, expand their minds, stimulate their senses, and of course have fun – just like any other kid!

When you choose playground equipment from KOMPAN, you can be sure you’re putting inclusivity at the forefront. All of our play equipment is developed through research from the experts at KOMPAN Play Institute. This thoroughness and dedication to inclusion is why children are engrossed in our play panels, sand tables, and sensory domes; excited by favorites like the basket swing and universal carousel; and comfortable enough on our hammocks and hangout spots to relax and reregulate. Whether they're looking to play individually, side-by-side with peers, get in the center of the action, or simply needing to take a break, they'll have options with KOMPAN's inclusive playground equipment.

Looking to provide all children in your community equal access to play? Let's talk about what KOMPAN can do for you.