White Paper

Play for All - Universal Design for Inclusive Playgrounds

two boys playing with inclusive music play panel

Inclusive playgrounds welcome all abilities to play

An inclusive playground can be accessed and enjoyed by all children. 

The following information highlights the KOMPAN Play Institute’s recommendations for universal and inclusive playgrounds. The information is based on inspirational cases of universal playgrounds, design points for universal play equipment, and the Institute’s most recent research and user observation for inclusive play.

Universal design and inclusive playgrounds are fundamental to KOMPAN’s DNA. The KOMPAN Play Institute has engaged in testing and developing play activities for children of all abilities since the early 1990s.

White paper

Play for all - Universal designs for inclusive playgrounds

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Universal playground design points

6 Key design points for universal playgrounds

  1. Accessible, inclusive routing and infrastructure

  2. Access to relevant ground-level activities

  3. Access to relevant elevated-level activities

  4. Support thrilling and challenging play

  5. Support social interaction

  6. Variation in play activities