Crawl and Climb for the Little Ones

COROCORD™ Mini Domes

children playing on playground climbing domes for small kids

Crawl and climb for the little ones

The Mini Dome is a wondrous early childhood climbing dome designed for little explorers. With pleasantly swaying resting points, gently bouncing climbs, and intriguing play panels, this mini playground dome is big on play value for the 2-5-year-olds.

At ground level, children can play hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo beneath the structure, and the abacus and mirror play panel ensure hours of exploration, developmental learning, and play. Young adventurers can also challenge and thrill themselves by climbing all the way to the top of this wonderful mini playground dome for small kids. From top to bottom, play is accessible from all sides, and the structure's transparency also ensures a sense of security for parents and caregivers.

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children playing on playground climbing domes for small kids

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Mini Dome color options and design flexibility

The Mini playground Dome is available in three vibrant, standard colors, so you can pick the perfect color scheme for your playground. The design of the Mini Dome is also flexible, allowing you to add in features as you see fit. Attach a slide to expand the play area and add challenges, or combine and interlink the Mini Dome and Monkey Trails Mini into one large, amazing play structure for little explorers; the choice is yours!

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