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Playground rope towers: new heights of fun!

Being high above the ground in itself is an attraction. However, it's the sheer variety in ways a child can ascend a rope climbing playground tower that make each journey irresistibly fun and different than the last!

The sleek looks and intricate designs of each rope climbing playground tower are striking sites for your playground, and their open layouts also give caretakers an unobstructed view of their young climbers.

There's more rope climbing fun to grab onto! Head to our entire collection of COROCORD™ rope climbing playground equipment.

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Benefits of rope climbing play towers 

A commercial rope climbing playground tower stands tall as a main place for play activities on the playground. As children make their way through the different levels of the net climbers, they train their cross-coordination and spatial awareness; all-important life skills they'll use off the playground. Here, their self-confidence will also rise, making it easier to create new friendships. 

Interested in other types of playground climbing structures? Check out our Sky Play climbing towers or climbing domes.

Playground rope tower inspiration 

Whether it is the Jellyfish Play Tower, the Surfer Hangout, the awe-inspiring Sky Twister, or the Treasure Island, these abstract shapes and sizes inspire role play and spark a child's imagination. On the Small Kon-Tiki, the ascent will be rewarded with a great view and a speedy trip down the 8-foot slide! Watch out for the Jelly Fish: The tentacles will wrap children up in hours of play.    The sculpture-like Cube Towers are packed with surprises and play activities. Each level offers a new colorful world of play, and solving different climbing challenges is the only way to the top. Take a shortcut down: The nearly invisible wire tunnel outside the highest cubes offers a nerve-wracking thrill and a wiry perspective of the ground below!