SkyTwister, Sensory

The SkyTwister, Sensory is an intriguing, novel activity-packed play magnet for children. Novel play activities increase retention, and they also increase play value. The Twisted Tower is an intense place to feel wonder, move and make friends. The twisted frame contains a rich variety of puzzling optic effects and climbing, swaying play heights that attract children. On top awaits an entirely fascinating destination: optic see-through panels that change the way the world looks and lights up the faces of friends in many colors. The top meeting point has bouncy membrane flooring to add sensory wonders, and a thrilling tall slide completes the feel. The transparency of the Twisted Tower, from bottom to top, makes it a play unit for intense cooperation, consideration and communication across levels and activities. At ground level, inclined nets offer climbing challenges, and novel net-rollers add to the play experience with tactile elements for massaging the back or having fun gliding down the rollers. A swaying, hanging pod is suspended from the nets and invites a break to reflect the movements of the friends climbing the nets above. The optic panels create a sense of wonder at ground level with moiré-like visual effects. Combined with the inclined, horizontal nets, the lower level of the SkyTwister offers an inviting and responsive meeting point for all. When swaying and climbing in the SkyTwister, children develop crucial motor skills and major muscles in a fun way. Motor skills such as cross-coordination and balance build the capability to move confidently and securely through the world. And the sensory play items provide important sensory stimulations.