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Climbing playground equipment for toddlers

Getting a grip on crucial childhood development skills at the climbing playground! Toddlers have grasped how to walk and climb, and improving these skills is essential, not to mention irresistibly fun, in these younger years. Let our children's climbing equipment be their first steps into the three-dimensional universe of rope play, whether they're toddlers as young as 3, or first graders as old as 6.

Each piece of KOMPAN toddler climbing equipment is made specifically to support their smaller stature and unique developmental needs. The rope thickness is adjusted to fit more comfortably in their little hands, and the mesh size of climbing steps is made for a toddler's or preschooler's pint-sized steps.

Our COROCORD collection supports ALL ages of climbers. Get a hold of more rope playground equipment, like our climbing nets!

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Benefits of Early Climbing

A climbing playground for toddlers present many benefits to a rapidly-growing small child. Here they train their physical strength, focus, concentration, and gross motor skills. Problem-solving skills and confidence will also reach new heights as they can prove "I can do it" with every successful climb!

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