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Children climbing on climbing trail at Harzdrenalin activity park

Adrenaline for the whole family

The visitors of Harzdrenalin, one of the larger adventure parks in Germany, are pushed to their limits. Located in the low mountain range, the Harz, daredevil teenagers and adults fly down the valley on the longest double zipline in Europe, plunge into the depths with a giant swing, or abseil down the 141-foot-deep dam wall. And the little ones? They can practice for their day on the big adventure at the adjacent playground. KOMPAN's wide range of products made it possible to meet the special wishes of the customer to blend in, whilst recreating the inspiring adult exploits in miniature. Elements such as the ziplines, whirling swing or the climbing block let children experience the same challenges and thrills as their parents. Adrenaline for the whole family is guaranteed.

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All the extra wishes, all the special features that have been prepared here have just been exactly as we wanted them.

Maik Berke, Founder of Harzdreanalin

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Net bridge, cableway, whirling swing and climbing block

What the adults experience with the attractions, the little ones experience on the playground. The adults reach the events by first crossing a hanging bridge. This is a challenge that the children can also face by crossing the playground rope bridge. It trains the sense of balance, spatial awareness, and coordination skills, because standing alone or with others on the bridge is challenging! The same goes when the children try out the other playground net climbers. Who wants to fly as fast as the adults on the double zipline? The zipline for the little ones is perfect for those who like speed. The lengthy glide trains the arm muscles and boosts strength and confidence for the children. Besides motor skills, KOMPAN's different elements attach great importance to social-emotional competencies. The whirling swing, for example, offers space for several children. That is where teamwork is needed to find the right movement. Walking down a wall vertically like the adults? The world is also turned upside down on the climbing block. Children have to sort out routes and find their own way, which trains local thinking and cross-body coordination. There is no doubt - whoever masters this playground is as brave as the adults!

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging
Joy of learning: curiosity, understanding of causal relationships and knowledge of the world

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