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Withrow Park

Landscape architects' task becomes child’s play

Withrow Park in Toronto proves that cooperation between KOMPAN, landscape architects and municipalities results in great projects that make communities happier and healthier. It was a cooperation that was strengthened by adding the wishes of the children themselves. For this 100-year-old park, it was time to refurbish its existing playground. KOMPAN collaborated with the landscape architects and the community and transformed the ideas of the children and the aesthetic demands of the architects into a colorful playground. The result, a revitalized park full of adventurous and innovative play, and the perfect way to start Withrow Park’s second century.

I have always liked KOMPAN. I like the design of it. I’m a landscape architect but I really appreciate industrial design as well.

Peter Heyblom, Partner Thincdesign

Unique shapes and elements that offer joyful play

This playground fascinates children with its bright colors and variety of unique shapes and elements, offering numerous play activities. The design of the iconic climbing blocks satisfies the landscape architects’ desire for style with its sculptural look. The professional climbing grips, encourage children to search for different climbing routes, fostering the development of motor and cognitive skills. Because of its size, children can also climb together and help each other - the perfect place to make friends. Another highlight is the play fortress. The fairytale design of an old castle stimulates the children's imagination where they can step back in time to a world of roleplay. It encourages them to take discovery tours of the two levels and try out the different elements. There are always fun choices to be made. The castle can be climbed by a curved climbing wall or a climbing net, and then two slides provide a speedy way down. It is a playground guaranteed to be legendary.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging
Joy of learning: curiosity, understanding of causal relationships and knowledge of the world

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