Our promise

What you can expect from KOMPAN

KOMPAN’s purpose is to create healthier and happier communities through impactful outdoor play and fitness solutions. We strive hard to provide our customers with products that deliver outstanding performance on all parameters.

Timeless play and fitness designs that last for generations

KOMPAN was born from art. Half a century ago, sculptor Tom Lindhardt observed children playing on his artistic creations. Tom switched up his design process to create playgrounds that were beautiful and timeless, like objects of art. SInce then, KOMPAN's mascot figure - Homo Ludens - has become the iconic mark of inventive quality that says, ‘this is the art of playing.'

Playful designs that support physical and cognitive development

Children are like snowflakes: externally similar, yet uniquely different. With KOMPAN, the many diverse elements demanded by children - such as the thrills of speed, heights, and space, as well as the importance of role-play and comradeship - are built into every play module.

In many ways, KOMPAN playgrounds reflect the individuality of the children who enjoy them. Each piece is clearly recognisable, but always holds an element of uniqueness. Our aim is threefold: to create a WOW reaction, that stimulates a desire to STAY, and through play DEVELOP physically and mentally.

Outdoor fitness that delivers physiological impact

Exercise and fresh air are natural partners that create a universal formula for feeling good. Today, we are well aware of the positive impact physical activity can have on both our bodies and minds. With sedentary lifestyles now standard in most societies, we need to make more effort to move our bodies. Outdoor gyms are a wonderful way to encourage exercise. However, not all products are created equally. Producing outdoor fitness equipment that is truly fit for purpose requires a scientific approach regarding to what to do, how to do it, and what to do it on. This is where design meets reality. KOMPAN collaborates with sports physiologists and physiotherapists, as well as universities and sports researchers, to make sure we deliver impactful outdoor fitness equipment for all abilities and fitness levels.

Creative outdoor solutions that reflect your individuality

We understand that our customers are unique and often want something that distinguishes their outdoor space from others in the area, whether that be through aesthetics, themed play, age groups, play capacity, etc. With every client comes an individual set of goals. A theme park may want to make a WOW playground that attracts children to increase visitor duration and football, whereas a school may want a very physical playground where the children can burn energy to increase concentration during lessons. KOMPAN's architects, landscape architects and designers tailor solutions to you - considering your users, your environment, and your desires.

Bespoke play creations from KOMPAN Design Studio

When does a playground become more than just a playground? When it is one of a kind. KOMPAN’s Design Studio in Berlin creates fully bespoke playgrounds and fitness areas made to represent the community they serve. They are landmarks, as distinctive as a gift from nature or an architectural gem. From England to Australia, from Germany to Singapore, KOMPAN develops unique designs for communities who want to break the mould.

Universal designs that include everybody

Play is the most magical thing in the life of a child, and we believe it is something that should be freely accessible by all children - regardless of physical or cognitive ability. Inclusive play is one of our core aims here at KOMPAN. We continuously strive to create new opportunities for play without boundaries, where children are so engaged that they’re unaware of each other’s personal situation. Universal design means stigma-free playgrounds for everyone.

Your preferred partner, from idea to play

Building a playground may sound simple, but in reality, it can be complicated. KOMPAN is here to be your trusted partner throughout the process, taking the burden off your shoulders. We'll help you find the best products and layout to suit your site, taking into account your target users, space, and budget requirements. We'll make sure that your new site is a safe and engaging area where children will want to play for hours on end. From a logistics perspective, we'll make sure that everything gets to site safely and on time, help clear the site, dig out for foundations, install products, lay the safe surfacing, and put down paths, fences, benches, etc.

High quality materials that withstand the test of time

Outdoor facilities - by nature - will face many trials whilst in the ground. From heavy usage to extreme weather, there are several ways a playground can become worn.

KOMPAN equipment is designed to provide unbeatable aesthetics and play value for years to come. This way, users can get as many hours of joy as possible. By using the highest quality materials that require the least amount of maintenance, KOMPAN creates hardwearing products that look and perform fantastically for decades.

We also offer industry-leading warranties which can be found here. We find this is the best and most economical way to keep our clients' outdoor areas in top condition.

greener playgrounds

We continously work to reduce our usage of raw materials by replacing them and instead using recycled materials that emit fewer carbon emission. We work with a two-way approach: Made Green and Born Green.