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Calisthenics exercises play a vital role in maintaining human bodily function. Every day we unknowingly perform calisthenics body movements - for example squatting down to pick up a pen or pushing ourselves up out of bed in the morning. Calisthenics exercises help improve strength and mobility, keeping our bodies healthy and strong.

KOMPAN offers high quality, sturdy outdoor fitness equipment to support calisthenics strength training. From pull-ups to split squats, our commercial street workout equipment is designed to provide a varied, full-body workout for all fitness levels.

What is calisthenics training?

Calisthenics is a form of resistance training that uses bodyweight movements to improve strength, power, and endurance. Originating from the Greek words for beauty (kallos) and strength (sthénos), calisthenics workouts have been used as an effective form of physical activity since ancient times. Olympians and Roman soldiers would use calisthenics exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and star jumps, to train their bodies into peak physical condition. Even without access to the high-quality outdoor calisthenics equipment that is available today, athletes would achieve outstanding results from calisthenics training.

A popular form of modern calisthenics training is street workout. Commonly seen in community areas, street workout combines calisthenics with gymnastic and athletic elements to deliver a uniquely challenging exercise experience. Street workout is particularly popular in low-income areas as it offers an effective way to build strength and endurance without the need for a gym membership – a luxury that many members of society cannot afford. Users would get creative by turning everyday objects, including benches and walls, into calisthenics outdoor equipment. In recent years, the introduction of outdoor street workout equipment such as pull-up bars and dip benches has helped provide a safe, dedicated space for users to train and compete. 

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Outdoor street workout equipment offers more than just exercise. The equipment and environment are an open invitation for group participation. Group activity can be generated by personal trainers, or even by friendships established through community and common interests!

Benefits of outdoor calisthenics equipment

Improves Overall Strength: KOMPAN’s commercial street workout equipment is designed to be used for a multitude of calisthenics exercises, providing a well-rounded workout that supports muscular development. Traditional weights-based training focuses on isolated exercises that work one set of muscles at a time, but street workout often features compound calisthenic movements that activate various muscles simultaneously. The result is an effective full body workout that can improve overall strength.

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance: As well as supporting muscular strength, outdoor calisthenics equipment is great for cardiovascular endurance. Split squats and box jumps are just two of the many high-intensity exercises that can be performed using outdoor street workout equipment. These heart-pumping movements are a fantastic way to get users into their peak training zone, helping to improve cardiovascular endurance.

Improves Co-Ordination: Calisthenics exercises require a great amount of communication between the body and the brain. Each compound movement performed using commercial calisthenics equipment fires a series of triggers to the user’s central nervous system, which then signals muscles, tendons, and ligaments to respond in a specific order. How efficiently the body co-ordinates these signals will determine how successful the exercise is. Much like strength and endurance, co-ordination improves the more you work at it. Commercial street workout equipment provides a fun and challenging way for users to develop these skills.

Encourages Socialisation: The rising popularity of calisthenics means that commercial street workout equipment sites often attract large amounts of people. In turn, these fitness areas become a hub for community engagement. Users may challenge each other to street workout competitions - especially if the site has a built-in timer - and generally push each other to work that little bit harder. Installing outdoor calisthenics equipment in UK communities is a great way to bring likeminded individuals together and encourage socialisation.

Who can use commercial calisthenics equipment?

Outdoor calisthenics equipment offers a versatile workout for users of all fitness levels. However, there is a certain level of training knowledge needed to utilise the equipment effectively. Amateur exercisers may not know the full scale of exercises offered by commercial street workout equipment, whereas more experienced athletes are likely to understand how to achieve an effective full body workout. KOMPAN tackles this gap in knowledge by providing interactive sign boards that demonstrate a wide range of exercises that can be performed on the equipment. To provide additional support, we also have a FREE Sport & Fitness app which shows animated examples of how the exercises are performed. Together, these features make commercial calisthenics equipment accessible to both beginners and professionals alike.

Why choose KOMPAN street workout equipment?

Hardwearing Materials: We understand that installing a permanent outdoor gym is a big investment and as such, the products need to be able to withstand the test of time. KOMPAN’s commercial calisthenics equipment is built with heavy duty die cast aluminium and hot dip galvanised steel to provide a sturdy base that resists the elements and heavy usage, making it perfect for outdoor environments. To provide peace of mind, we have a lifetime warranty on our hot dip and a 10-year guarantee on spare parts. Our dedicated inspection and maintenance team are also on hand to ensure your equipment remains fit for use as time goes on. 

Built for Safety: When you exercise at an indoor gym, there are trained professionals on hand to supervise and maintain a safe fitness environment. On the contrast, outdoor fitness sites are freely accessible by the public without supervision. Due to this, it is vital that outdoor street workout equipment is secure and safe for access by untrained users. Safety is paramount to us here at KOMPAN, and all products are compliant in line with the EN16630 standards for permanently installed, freely accessible outdoor fitness equipment. When you install KOMPAN outdoor calisthenics equipment, you can rest assured that the products you’ve chosen are safe and fit for purpose. 

FREE Fitness App: The beauty of an outdoor gym is that anyone can access the site, whether they are new to the world of fitness or a seasoned expert. However, outdoor calistenics equipment can be quite daunting for beginners who may not understand how to utilise the product for best effect. The KOMPAN Fit app is here to change this. Our freely available app provides exercise demonstrations for each piece of kit, guiding users through the movements and helping them achieve an effective workout. The app can be accessed via the QR codes featured on all KOMPAN fitness products or downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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Frequently asked questions about calisthenics and street workout equipment

What is calisthenics?

This exercise form has been recognized and organized for centuries. Even Alexander the Great and the Spartans used it in their armies. It involves using large muscle groups through running, standing, pushing, pulling, and using your bodyweight as a tool or counterbalance.

How many different combinations of equipment do we need for a full workout?

Calisthenics is a simple workout that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of equipment. However, the more equipment you have, the more exercises you can do. Street workouts are great for quick exercises, but you can also plan a circuit training session with them.

What is the most useful piece of outdoor street workout equipment?

Answering this question is challenging as an effective workout involves incorporating various exercises. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that pull-ups and parallel bars are unique and not easy to replicate in real-life scenarios.

Is commercial calisthenics equipment all-weather?

The equipment has a powder-coated surface that is designed to withstand all weather conditions. However, extreme conditions such as excessive heat or freezing temperatures may render steel bars and poles unusable. Additionally, snow on the surface may also affect its usability.

What is the best surface to install outdoor calisthenics equipment?

To minimize movement upon landing, it is necessary to have a surface that can absorb impact. Pour-in-place rubber surfacing is a good option as it is both flat and smooth, and its open structure allows for quick drainage.

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