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Balancing & Climbing

Balancing and climbing are two activities that children love to do and both help children develop and learn throughout their childhood. These activities can easily be included in a playground and children will gain skills that will help them for years to come. Balancing can help children train their eyes and concentrate while a good sense of balance can help them in other activities including sports or running. Climbing can help children learn how to co-ordinate their feet and hands and they can learn new lessons about navigating heights and focusing on their challenge.

Discover our range of balancing and climbing playground equipment below and create the perfect space for your needs.

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Benefits of Climbing and Balancing Equipment 

Balance is a stability skill that cannot be taught, but it can be developed. It is an essential aspect of life that has an impact on various activities. Athletes, for example, are often defined by their sense of balance, while a mother carrying her child relies on balance for safety. Similarly, older people depend on it to enter and exit escalators securely. Balancing also aids in the development of eyesight and a child's ability to concentrate. When a child climb, they get both a sense of achievement and cross-coordination skills that will eventually help them learn to read.

Balancing equipment designed for toddlers often incorporates group play elements, such as tight races or cooperative activities. The social interaction that occurs during these activities is unique to the playground environment and can greatly benefit a child's communication development. At KOMPAN, we understand the non-physical advantages of play and design our playground equipment with these benefits in mind.

Our playground equipment for toddlers and children is designed to offer the best development opportunities by combining physical attributes with intelligent, research-driven design. During play, climbing allows children to practice their gross motor skills and develop a passion for motion. These habits, developed at an early age, can help build a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Why Choose Balancing & Climbing Play Equipment?

KOMPAN’s balance and climbing options vary drastically, enabling you to create the perfect playground space for your needs and your child's ability.

Our range includes natural wooden choices alongside sturdy metal selections, allowing children to get used to a variety of different textures and sensations as they play. Combined with this, the varying appearance options and structures allow playground designers to create varying and engaging spaces which immediately encourage children to use them.

Together with the physical attributes, KOMPAN’s balancing playground equipment for toddlers and children uses intelligent, research-driven design to ensure it offers the best development opportunities possible. Climbing during play offers children a brilliant opportunity to practise their gross motor skills and develop a passion for motion. It’s these habits built at an early age that can help build a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Furthermore, balancing equipment for toddlers often encourages or involves an element of group play, whether it be through friendly races and competitions or cooperative activities. The unrestricted social interaction that occurs during this group play is unique to the playground environment and absolutely invaluable to communicative child development. Seeing the non-physical benefits of play sits at the core of what we do at KOMPAN, which is why our playground equipment is specifically designed with this in mind.