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Sand and water play systems are Incredibly popular across the globe - and for good reason. More than anything else, sand and water provide truly imaginative playground experiences that help young minds develop multiple soft skills at once; all whilst, importantly, playing and enjoying themselves.

Striking the balance between fun, engaging playground activities and promoting development opportunities for the children is what makes the difference between a good playground and a great one. At KOMPAN, we strive to produce durable, high-quality playground spaces that assist in cognitive and physical development through the medium of play.

KOMPAN’s sand and water stations are specifically designed to entice and excite whilst allowing for all manner of developmental play. Explore our vast range of options below or get in touch with a member of our team and we will gladly offer you personalised bespoke suggestions.

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The Benefits of Sand & Water Play 

Playing with sand and water is crucial for a child's creative and cognitive development. The manipulation of these elements helps children understand the concept of cause and effect while building sand structures provides them with a sense of accomplishment and success. The sand and water stations offered by KOMPAN provide an excellent opportunity for children to engage in collaborative play. Kids learn to take turns, share ideas and inspiration, and work together to create something unique and imaginative.  

A popular choice for preschool playground equipment, sand and water sensory play activities encourage children to explore their creativity and experiment. Other sensory equipment includes play panels and toddler play equipment.

Vibrant Colours and sturdy Materials  

The sand and water play equipment is available in vibrant and warm colors that attract and engage children for hours of playtime. This equipment offers a variety of tactile activities that stimulate children's senses and encourage them to continue playing and coming back for more. Public playgrounds with sand and water play equipment always experience high usage and should be included in any early childhood environment.

The organic wooden Robinia option is just as popular if you want to achieve a natural playground aesthetic. Otherwise, go all in on colours and create a bright, colourful play space with KOMPAN EcoCore™.