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The queue for the cableway is always so long! Whether you’re three years old or twelve, the cableway is always great fun and still a firm favourite in any playground setting; from holiday parks to school playgrounds.

Besides being fun, the cableway teaches children several important lessons and skills. When playing on the cableway, children are forced to acknowledge and interact with each other. They learn to wait for their turn and hand over the seat to the next in line.

Why Purchase Our Zipwire and Cableways

At KOMPAN, all of our equipment is designed to ensure it encourages children to be social and have as much fun as possible. Our double cableway in particular allows children to compete with each other and see who will be the first to the end of the zipwire. We strongly believe that encouraging children to participate in competitive activities at a young age is crucial to their development as a child. Learning to win and lose in a good manner are important skills for children to master and our range of zip wire playground equipment will ensure children continue to progress in their development.

KOMPAN's double cableway encourages children to be social and have fun together, seeing who can be first to the end, encouraging an aspect of competition. Learning to win and lose in a good manner are important skills for children to master.

We also offer a fantastic range of wooden cableways perfect for a more natural setting, you can explore our wooden cableway range here.

Explore our variety of steel cableways below or get in touch with our team for bespoke advice tailored to your project.

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Cableways are a great addition to any playground and children will love the whole experience - as with any free standing unit it can complete your play area.

How do I choose a cableway?

Our cableways are available for both sloped and flat sites and we can help you decide on where to put your cableway to ensure maximum fun

Are cableways safe?

All our equipment is tested and certified to EN standards - cableways are a thrilling experience and children will know their limits and analyse if they are comfortable to use this unit.