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What are playground seesaws?

The seesaw is an iconic and classic playground equipment characterised by a narrow board supported by a midpoint between both ends; as the weight shifts, one end goes up, and the other goes down. Seesaws are a core aspect of almost every playground. Instantly recognisable, surprisingly simple and loved by all, seesaw playground equipment is varied and engaging, grabbing the attention of children and providing a great avenue for play.

Most consider playground seesaws as strictly two-person affairs but over time, they have developed to enable larger group play. Three and four-seat seesaws are now very common, with many including middle panels to enable larger groups to play together. This is extremely important from a cognitive development perspective, as one of the most valuable aspects of seesaw play is how it challenges and promotes the development of social skills, communication and cooperation.

If you are looking to refurbish or install a playground space, including a seesaw is a brilliant way of amplifying your new playground’s effectiveness and popularity. Explore our range of available options below, or if you would like suggestions tailored to your needs, feel free to contact our dedicated team today.

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Benefits of Playground Seesaws

Although appearing simple, the seesaw playground equipment offers valuable developmental benefits. The excitement of rocking with a friend or in small groups enhances social skills while simultaneously training muscles and improving overall motor skills.

Seesaws, play a vital role in the development of children's balance and coordination skills. The seesaw's up-and-down motion offers sensory stimulation, contributing to a child's awareness. Moreover, seesaws encourage social interaction and cooperation as children play together and take turns balancing the equipment, which enhances communication skills and teamwork abilities. Our range of seesaws caters to children of all ages and abilities, allowing them to join play activities and form friendships regardless of their skill levels. Hence, seesaws are an excellent and versatile addition to any public playground.

Safe and Exciting Play with Our Commercial Seesaws 

Seesaws are a timeless playground favourite that we've been producing for many years. Our journey began with The Crazy Hen, a springer from the 1970s. While The Crazy Hen wasn't originally intended as a seesaw, our design team recognized the potential of using the spring as support, especially when combined with more than one. Today, we offer an extensive range of seesaws in various shapes, sizes, and themes. Our selection includes classic two-seater seesaws, and three-seater seesaws, as well as larger models that can seat over eight users. Our Wehopper seesaw takes things to the next level by combining 360° spinning and rocking to give older children a fun and challenging experience. Naturally, all of our seesaw playground equipment meets UK safety standards.

How to Choose the Right Playground Seesaw

When choosing a seesaw for your commercial playground, there are a few things to consider. First, consider the intended user. Second, have the size of your play space in mind as well as capacity. A smaller outdoor play equipment seesaw may fit into a smaller space, while some of our high-capacity seesaws, fit for ten users, are fitter for a larger play area as these require more fall space around the actual equipment. Last, have a theme in mind. At KOMPAN, we offer great flexibility in terms of colour and aesthetics. Your playground style often goes hand in hand with the intended age group. Do you have an ocean theme in mind? In that case, a seesaw featuring sharks or octopuses will enhance the overall theme of your playground. Selected seesaw products are available in GreenLine versions with low-carbon emissions created mainly from post-consumer ocean waste

there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Firstly, consider who will be using it. Secondly, the size of your play area and its capacity are crucial considerations. A smaller seesaw would fit better in a compact play space, while larger seesaws designed for up to ten users require more fall space around the equipment and are better suited to larger areas. Lastly, think about the theme you want to achieve. At KOMPAN, we offer a wide array of colours and aesthetics to choose from, allowing you to tailor your playground to your age group and style preferences. Whether you want an ocean-themed seesaw featuring sharks and octopuses, or select GreenLine versions made from post-consumer ocean waste with low carbon emissions, we have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we get started?

Choosing the right products from KOMPAN's extensive range of playground equipment is the starting point. We encourage you to explore our website to be inspired by the amazing outdoor playgrounds we have installed around the world. Our very competent and experienced support team can then help you translate your wish list into your own unique playground solution. Feel free to contact us and ask all your questions, or to receive a quote.

2. How robust are the springs that support the seesaw?

KOMPAN springs are engineered to make the movement of the seesaws optimal for many users. The unique designed PA6 brackets fixated with stainless steel hardware ensures high safety while playing. The springs are cleaned, primed and powder coated for high durability in any environment around the world.

3. Do the triangular three-seat versions need three children to work properly?

Effectively yes, but that is their strong point. The three-seat seesaw encourages broader friendships, avoiding the feeling of exclusion that ‘my best friend’ can often generate. There’s even a tempting position for a fourth child, standing on the central pivotal platform. 

4. What’s the warranty on a seesaw playground?

KOMPAN seesaw playground equipment is designed using a variety of materials. The EcoCoreTM HDPE plates and hot dip galvanized steel parts have a lifetime warranty against production defects. The spring systems and other movable parts have five-year warranties.

5. What are the weight limits of the seesaws?

All our seesaws are tested to be compliant with relevant safety standards. The weight capacity varies from product to product.

6. What is the lifespan of the spring used?

KOMPAN Springs are made of high-quality spring steel, according to EN10270. We have industry-leading warranties on all components, and the spring has a 5-year warranty.

7. Are they weather-resistant?

Wood on seesaws with wooden beams has been pressure impregnated to prevent rotting, but they are not water resistant.

8. Can they be customised to fit a theme?

Our large range of seesaws has various standard styles and panels to choose from.   We offer everything from horse-themed panels to sea creature—themed panels. Please contact your local play consultant if you have queries about specific themes. We are happy to help.  

9. Can they be installed on the existing surfacing, or do they need a specific one?

It depends on the surface you have. Please contact your local play consultant for more information on the surfacing. 

10. Are playground seesaws safe?

Yes, commercial playground seesaws are safe when designed and installed properly. At KOMPAN, we use high-quality, commercial-grade materials that are extremely durable and comply with strict safety standards that regulate the height and fall space dimensions of our seesaws.

We also take extra precautions to ensure our seesaws are safe for children by providing safety flooring to absorb falls and clear zoning around the seesaws to prevent collisions with other playground equipment.

11. Do seesaws still exist and are they still popular?

Yes. Seesaws are still widely used as essential playground equipment everywhere around the world. Mostly, seesaws are used in smaller public or smaller park playgrounds such as community or school playgrounds since large modern playgrounds, often install larger, more complex playground structures or systems.