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Physical activity on school playgrounds - the key to good health, better learning, and higher attendance in schools

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), children need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity per day. However, far too many children achieve no where near that.

School is mandatory for all children and is the one place we know all children come to. This means that schools are our window of opportunity to make sure all children have opportunities for physical activity, hence being happy and healthy.

Corpus Christi Primary School in Scotland created a school playground to encourage their students to get active. What did they achieve? Find out in the video below.

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Why Do School Children Love KOMPAN School Playgrounds?

When it comes to children’s social and physical development, a well-designed outdoor activity area can serve as an 'outdoor classroom' - where students can learn new skills, engage with peers, and expand their knowledge.

Not all school playground equipment is created equally, in terms of both build quality and opportunities for development. For ultimate impact, it's vital that playground equipment inspires children’s imaginations through innovative and exciting designs. KOMPAN's wide range of products, including climbing frames, sports equipment, and outdoor play equipment, guarantees thrilling play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities.

A KOMPAN school playground is a healthy investment for child development, and can help your school:

  • Increase pupil attendance 

  • Build an attractive school environment

  • Raise pupil attainment

  • Boost academic achievements

  • Improve student attention

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Grounded in knowledge
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Grounded in Knowledge

50 Years' Experience Creating Playground Equipment for Schools

Over the years, we've helped thousands of schools get the most from their outdoor space. As a result, we understand that every area has unique requirements. That's why we offer bespoke outdoor play equipment for schools that meets specific needs whilst also respecting budget constraints.

Our multifaceted team of play consultants, landscape designers, and other experts follow a specially developed KOMPAN playground planning process. This process results in a tailored plan containing high quality input from multiple expert areas. 

Our design principals take into account how the school playground equipment will support your students, curriculum, space, surroundings, and activities.

The finished result is a completely original, custom-designed playground solution that provides the greatest possible value for both school and students.

saturn playground schools and public parks
Outdoor Classroom Tips
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13 Tips on How to Create an Outdoor Classroom

  1. The outdoor learning site should have a gathering space for students to listen to instructors (seating with whiteboards), as well as active learning stations for students to do hands-on activities (tables). These spaces can be thought of as ‘rooms’ within the overall outdoor space, and should always be in clear sight of the teacher/instructor

  2. The outdoor learning space should not look the same as the indoor learning space – instead of square or rectangular spaces, think circles and ovals

  3. The outdoor learning site should be designed for access and inclusion for persons using assistive devices – make sure that seating areas and tables have pathways wide enough for students using wheelchairs or walking frames

  4. The outdoor learning site should not be far from toilets/wash stations and first aid

  5. There should be clear boundaries to the outdoor learning site, and a designated group meeting point in case of emergency

  6. Teachers and supervisors should have clear sightlines to supervise their groups at all times

  7. The outdoor learning site should have WiFi and phone access

  8. The outdoor learning site should maximise opportunities for students to engage with natural elements and learn from nature (trees, plants, water, gardens)

  9. Where students are working with tablets and computers, there will need to be protection from glare

  10. Consider the thermal comfort of students and teachers – this will vary with climate and time of year, but could mean a need for shade or a need for heating/blankets

  11. The outdoor learning site will need space for dry storage

  12. The outdoor learning site will need space for display of work

  13. The outdoor learning site will need a space for, or access to, sheltering from rain or snow

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