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Innovation through research

A playground is so much more than just a way of entertaining children. It’s an outdoor play hub for socialisation, development and growth. That’s why, here at KOMPAN, we have spent years researching and testing our playground equipment; continually optimising our outdoor play so that you and your children only receive the best experiences.

Through our research, we have set new standards in the UK and globally for ways to play, innovating new products including the springer and the award-winning Supernova. No matter what type of play you want to include, we have a playground equipment solution specifically designed to promote all aspects of child development and support growth.

Explore our comprehensive range of playground equipment below and utilise our specialist expertise to create the perfect playground experience for your children.

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Essential Playground Safety Features

When comparing residential and commercial playground equipment, one of the biggest distinctions is the safety measures in place.

Commercial playground equipment is subject to strict safety regulations and guidelines established by local organizations. These measures include protective barriers, impact-absorbing surfacing, and age-appropriate play areas. Additionally, we prioritise proper zoning during the planning process to facilitate socializing and enjoyable experiences for children, while ensuring parents can be confident in their children's safety at all times.

Here are some other essential aspects where commercial and residential playground equipment differ:

Durability and Construction

Outdoor playground equipment designed for commercial use is made to endure heavy usage and comply with rigorous safety regulations. To guarantee durability and longevity, the equipment is made from commercial-grade materials such as galvanized steel, robust plastics, and weather-resistant coatings. Only the highest quality materials are chosen to guarantee limited maintenance requirements in nurseries, schools, parks, housing areas, shopping and retail areas and restaurants.

Playground Installation and Maintenance

Commercial playground equipment often requires professional installation and regular playground inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards. Maintaining playgrounds usually involves specialized and proficient staff. However, individuals who own private residences can set up playground equipment and might need to perform maintenance less often. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to conduct regular inspections and upkeep.

Playground Cost

Professional playground equipment is typically more expensive than that meant for residential purposes. This is because it is larger in size, made from higher quality materials, and compliant with safety standards. It is constructed to endure heavy usage and frequent maintenance, which adds to the overall cost.

Types of Playground Equipment

Designing or updating a playground involves many decisions. You have to consider the style, whether to have a theme, who the target user group is, the required capacity and if there are multiple user groups. Additionally, you may want to focus on specific play activities and factor in the budget. Perhaps you're interested in a natural playground?

These are just a few questions that influence how you choose your specific playground. And with more than a thousand products to choose from, we don't blame you.

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

Classic Play Equipment

Classic play equipment refers to stand-alone play equipment such as slides, seesaws, swing sets, and springers. Looking to add some excitement to a smaller playground without breaking the bank? Our stand-alone pieces are just the thing! They're also great as add-ons for updating an existing play area. Our selection includes both single-user equipment and multi-user structures in various styles, themes, materials, and colours, each at different price points.

Preconfigured Play Systems

Investing in prebuilt playsets is an excellent way to maximize your space and entertainment options. With multiple play activities conveniently located in one place, you can easily enjoy hours of fun and adventure. We offer a variety of multifunctional playground equipment under our Play Systems range that can serve multiple purposes and allow several children to play on them at the same time.

Rope Climbing Playgrounds

Large rope net climbers are packed with play activities that can help children develop their social-emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. Studies have shown that climbing structures encourage tweens to engage in physical activity. Both tween boys and girls love to climb, and having more spaces to hang out on the actual climbing structure makes it even more enjoyable. If you want to make the most out of the climbing structure, it's best to place it in a separate area from the main playground to attract tweens. Wooden Nature Play Playgrounds

When children connect with nature, it stimulates their natural desire to play and explore. A natural playground offers numerous advantages. our nature-inspired playgrounds give children a play environment with room to do what children do best – play and explore. Nature-inspired playgrounds are also a way to bring nature into urban environments. 

Sport and Fitness Playgrounds

It is crucial to establish a healthy exercise routine for children early on to enhance their overall health. Physical activity is necessary for children to build strength, coordination, balance, and outdoor fitness equipment can aid in developing essential motor skills, as well as promote strength and agility. Children are still attracted to playgrounds as they age, especially if the challenging fitness equipment play structures are placed away from play areas with younger kids. Multi Use Games Areas are perfect for schools and community centres because they perfect fit if you are looking to play various sports and games.

Custom Playground Equipment

Our ImaginIt 3D visualization app allows you to configure most of our products, enabling you to adjust the size, accessibility, and play activities. However, if you have a unique idea for a custom product that cannot be created using our configurator, we are happy to help. In that case, we have a dedicated team at the KOMPAN Design Studio that can help your vision come to life in a customised playground solution. At KOMPAN Design Studio, a skilled team of designers, architects, and engineers work together to craft one-of-a-kind playground equipment that is tailored to your specific vision and preferences. Their years of experience and expertise ensure that they can bring your design dreams to life.

Not sure where to begin? Our playground equipment specialists are here to guide you in the right direction. They are also available to offer advice based on your requirements to help ensure your success in creating the best possible playground for your community.

What to Consider When Choosing Playground Equipment?

To start, it's important to identify the goals for your playground. Take into account the age groups, interests, and needs of the intended users. Planning your budget early on is also crucial. By doing these steps, you'll be closer to selecting the appropriate playground equipment. A thorough evaluation of your location and terrain is also essential, ensuring your safety features and standards are in place. Look for ongoing support and services needed and see if funding or grants are available in your area. To learn more about playground planning, download our Playground Planning Checklist.

Why choose us

For over 50 years, KOMPAN has led the way in producing innovative commercial playground equipment. It all began with the artistic efforts of Tom Lindhardt, and since then, teams of architects and industrial designers have collaborated to create distinctive designs that are utilized in playgrounds around the globe. From the beginning, there was great attention to the playground equipment users – the kids. Child development experts were added to the KOMPAN team to help collaborate with designers, integrating feedback from children into the product development process.

KOMPAN Play Institute is our in-house research centre that collects data on our products and how children flourish through play. Exceptional playground equipment can assist a child in every step of their development process, pushing their physical limits and sparking creativity while developing cognitive and social interaction skills. Our offerings, from the standard range to our custom products, are designed with the KOMPAN Play Institute's research in mind, always ensuring evidence-based, functional quality. Therefore, we specialise in inclusive playground planning and developing accessible play equipment.

Our extensive research has set new global standards for ways to play and innovating new play equipment for children of all abilities.

Enhance Your Play Space

When considering adding a new play structure to your site, it's important to think about more than just the children's enjoyment. It's also important to consider the overall appearance and usefulness of the site. To keep parents and children happy and engaged for longer periods of time, it's recommended to include areas where parents can relax while their children play. Additionally, it's a good idea to provide a space where children can take a break and enjoy a refreshing drink or snack. That is why creating a truly recreational outdoor activity space should involve outdoor furniture, picnic tables, benches, and shading. Our commercial playground shade structures are the ideal solution.

Planning, buying and installing a new playground is exciting and overwhelming. To help guide you during the process, we offer free design consultation and support at every step of your journey - click here to get in touch with us.

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