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Spinners & Carousels

Commercial playground spinners are exciting pieces of freestanding Playground equipment that rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be found in parks, schoolyards, and playgrounds. Spinners and carousels are ideal for enhancing physical development, building muscles and bone density, and improving balance, which is an essential life skill.

Our spinners and carousels offer innovation and attract children of all ages and abilities. They range from stand-up Spicas and Supernovas to sitting in Spinner Bowls or the Tipi Carousel, providing a variety of actions while promoting social play and practicing life skills such as making friends, taking turns, and sharing thoughtfully. Let's spin our way into joy!

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Spinners & Carousels

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Every child is different and is enticed and excited by different colours and experiences. KOMPAN’s playground roundabouts and spinners are available in a host of different specifications to cater to all of these different tastes, allowing playground designers to create spaces that work for everyone.

On top of this, spinning playground equipment offers invaluable development opportunities for children. The experience of spinning is dizzying, yet enjoyable and kids love the feeling they get from playing on spinners and roundabouts for this very reason. This strikes the perfect balance as it grabs a child’s attention, draws them in through fun and helps to train key physical and mental skills in the process. Young minds learn how their interaction with the equipment translates into real-world movement, encouraging hypothetical thought development and imagination. Plus, balance, muscle strength and bone density are tested and pushed consistently as the children learn how to manipulate their body to play with the spinning seat or carousel more effectively.

Together, all of these factors culminate in an incredibly versatile playground addition. Playground spinners, roundabouts and carousels combine all aspects of child development and above all else, build courage and confidence as children push their limits and learn that they are capable of. At KOMPAN, we specialise in designing and manufacturing holistic playground equipment that uses fun and play as a platform to improve both academic achievement and life skills. Our spinners and award-winning Supernova carousel playground equipment are perfect examples of this, providing modern playgrounds with a vast range of options that don’t just grab children’s attention but hold it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the spinny things on a playground called?

The playground spinning thing is called a roundabout, a merry-go-round, a playground spinner, or a carousel, depending on your country of origin.

What happened to merry-go-rounds?

Many older merry-go-rounds have been removed from playgrounds and replaced with newer, safer ones. Today, commercial playground equipment must comply with stringent safety standards.

How do playground spinners work?

Spinners for single-use work by using your body weight to set the item in motion. For spinning items fit for more users, children can hop on and off while the item is spinning; they generate movement by pushing against the ground to create momentum and use their body weight to slow down or accelerate the spinner. 

Are playground spinners inclusive?

Spinning equipment usually facilitates inclusive play. Just make sure that surfacing allows accessibility to the actual playground spinner. The right spinning equipment is especially beneficial for children with autism.   Learn more about inclusive playgrounds here

Are playground spinners safe?

Many things can be done to ensure the children's safety on a spinner playground. Firstly, ensure that your spinner is made from commercial-grade materials with industry-leading warranties. This will prevent the equipment from breaking and causing accidents. Comply with height regulations to prevent falls from high up. Also, ensure the spinner has safety handles and flooring to prevent falls and slips. Ensure spacing between the surrounding playground items and create a no-running zone around the spinner to avoid accidental hits.

Do modern playground spinners limit the speed?

Yes. Nowadays, modern playground spinners come with ways to limit the speed at which a child can spin.