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How to Install a Playground

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Safety: the Key Consideration of Playground Equipment Installation

When it comes to commercial playground installation, user safety comes first. As a result, cutting corners is a no-go! Whether you want to build a large destination area or a small community site, we recommend choosing a reputable playground installation company to undertake the works.

KOMPAN has provided playground installation services across the globe for over 50 years, installing thousands of sites annually. Our clients trust us to deliver safe and secure playgrounds in line with the British Standard BS EN 1176 playground safety standards. KOMPAN can take care of your playground installation project and remove the weight from your shoulders.

Our commercial playground installation services will take you carefully through the necessary regulations, safety rules, and precautions needed to install a safe playground or fitness area that will last for years to come.

If you are looking to install a new commercial playground, or find yourself wondering how are playgrounds installed, then please see our playground planning checklist for insights.

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Why Hire A Professional Team for a Large Playground Installation?

A large commercial playground installation takes time, patience, and expertise in order to be executed successfully. Unfortunate consequences could occur if not enough care and attention is put into the playground installation process.

We understand that playground equipment installation can be stressful to organise, so why not let us take the strain away? KOMPAN's playground equipment installation teams have a wealth of knowledge - including KOMPAN-specific product experience - and can efficiently install playgrounds of any size. This includes even the most expensive landmark sites!

For example, in Tallinn they wanted a truly spectacular, custom-made, 10-metre-high Robinia castle. This castle ended up being the biggest KOMPAN Robinia castle in the world. It took no less than 10 cranes to install and was undoubtedly a job that required a professional playground installation company. Watch the time lapse below to truly appreciate the playground installation process!

Watch the Installation of KOMPAN's Biggest Ever Castle

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Can a Small Playground Installation be Done Without an Expert?

You might think that a small playground equipment installation looks easy or could be a fun DIY project. We strongly advise against this. Why? Because even the smallest sites come with playground installation precautions that are an absolute necessity for safety reasons. Always choose an expert team that knows how to install a playground properly. It’s not worth the risk!

A smaller playground can be the perfect way to optimise compact spaces, and you can speed up installation times by choosing core or standard products. By using KOMPAN's playground installation services, you can rest assured knowing that your site will be secure and fit for purpose.

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commercial playground installation robinia playground

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Does it Take Experience to Install Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Safety and durability are important when it comes to designing and installing an outdoor gym. If installed incorrectly, users may end up experiencing unfortunate injuries, and equipment could be damaged. We recommend using an experienced team to make sure all products are secure and will last for a long time. KOMPAN has the best outdoor fitness solutions, and a professional installation team to make sure everything is put together correctly.

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Factors to Consider for Playground Installation

There are many areas to consider when planning a new playground equipment installation: your budget, target users, design style and materials, inclusivity, delivering purpose, zoning, timescales, government regulations, and safety precautions. This can seem daunting, but KOMPAN is here to help guide you through it.

4 Considerations

  1. Budget: The equipment and size of your outdoor site depends on your budget. When we know your budget, it is easier to find the perfect solution to fit your needs. Interested in knowing the cost of building a playground? Check out our example playground costs here

  2. The users: Who is the site for? Will the playground cater to all age groups and have you considered inclusive equipment?

  3. The surroundings: Are you planning to build your next playground in a park? A wooden playground would fit perfectly with the aesthetic. Do you want to captivate something unique about the area? A custom design might be the solution.

  4. Material and surfacing: Should the equipment be made from Robina wood, steel, or maybe from our sustainable GreenLine products? And would you like the surface of the area to be sand, grass, or our FLEXOTOP™ ECO surfacing?

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