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COROCORD™ Rope Playground

Corocord™ Rope Playground

Rope playgrounds can include climbing nets and structures designed to simulated children both mentally and physically, and promote a way of playing which supports cognitive development, problem-solving, and is fun and safe. Playground rope climbing structures and other rope equipment such as a rope suspension bridge and rope playground towers can have unique and eye-catching features that function well in several outdoor settings, including school plygrounds, parks, and shopping centres.

Rope clibming playground materials have only increased in popularity over time; a direct result of its natural versatility and the host of development benefits that it offers. The KOMPAN range of COROCORD™ rope playground structures only improves on rope’s innate benefits, boasting significantly increased strength, durability and adaptability. Together, these features allow for significantly longer lasting playground solutions, whilst simultaneously enable the creation of impressive and eye-catching designs.

The playground environment is one of the most important spaces for young minds to discover their strengths or abilities. KOMPAN’s COROCORD™ rope playground equipment is an incredibly effective way of offering a variety of development opportunities at once, encouraging physical and cognitive growth through play. Explore our range of available equipment below, or feel free to contact our dedicated team to discuss your personal project.

Benefits of COROCORD™ rope playgrounds

  • Excellent for the development of young people's motor skills, muscle development, and especially for improving balancing skills.

  • COROCORD™ rope is a flexible material that moves when it is climbed upon, this means it constantly challenges the children as they climb.

  • Every action on a single part of the structure has a reaction in another part, which in turn helps children to communicate with each other to enable harmonious climbing.

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COROCORD™ rope climbing playground equipment comes in many forms, shapes, themes, and heights. KOMPAN can also design bespoke rope structures to suit your project, including net towers, rope towers, and climbing structures, all designed to test and develop the co-ordination, balance, and fine motor skills of children of any age and ability, as well as their agility and integral life skills such as turn-taking and compromise.

From a development perspective, our COROCORD™ rope climbing playground equipment such as a rope suspension bridge, rope play towers and the spider's web offer a host of different benefits and opportunities. Physically, there are few limits to what COROCORD™ rope can provide. Reinforced with multiple polyester layers, the rope has an incredibly high tensile strength, allowing children to balance, climb and swing from it freely. Additionally, the strength of the COROCORD™ rope allows us to create highly engaging and impressive rope climbing playground equipment structures. Ranging from simple bridges to intricate geometric climbing domes, spheres and nets, we specialise in shaping our COROCORD™ rope into attractive playground solutions, drawing children in and amplifying the space’s developmental effectiveness.

Physical challenges aren’t the only growth opportunities that COROCORD™ rope playgrounds allows for, though. The size and potential scope of our rope playground equipment create an exceptional platform for imaginative and cooperative play. As young minds engage with the complex shapes that the rope has created, they are given the ingredients to create stories, games and activities which improve hypothetical thought, creativity and imagination. Additionally, many of these COROCORD™ playground games demand cooperation or competition, encouraging children to engage with other children and develop both social and communication skills.

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