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Playground Climbing Domes

Commercial Corocord™ climbing domes are more than just part of a playground they also serve as a fantastic landmark in any setting. Climbing domes are a fantastic playground solution, offering fun and exploration to a large number of children. The climbing sphere offers exciting activities for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Built with net layers spanned in between big steel arches. A climbing sphere playground provides a wide variety of play options in a limited space.

Why choose dome playground equipment? 

The Corocord™ climbing dome structure is designed to provide physical, cognitive, and social challenges that are appealing to children aged 5-12. Even the mini versions can add an extra layer of fun to any play area, with bouncy climbing and a variety of balancing challenges that are beneficial for this age group. Corocord™ offers commercial climbing domes that are available in both compact and expansive styles. They can be constructed with a single arch or with a dome of sturdy steel arches. With a variety of options to choose from, you can select a playground dome climber that includes sensory play elements, climbing panels, or other play components that perfectly match your requirements.    Enter an extraordinary play world of climbing and rope fun! 

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Who are Dome Climbing Playgrounds Best suited for? 

KOMPAN's climbing domes, especially those with more innovative designs, can stand out and act as playground centrepieces in your community or school. They offer endless fun with various ways to play, climb and crawl. Here are some segments where outdoor climbing domes are perfect play elements:

1. Public parks and recreational areas 

The Dome Playground equipment is an eye-catching addition to any public park or recreational area. Children of all ages and abilities enjoy climbing, making this playground piece de resistance a surefire way to generate lots of excitement and activity in your community. Not only are these play structures perfect for public parks, but they are also commercial-grade, making them ideal for adventure parks and outdoor activity centers. The commercial climbing domes look great and inspire children to engage in more outdoor play, ensuring repeat visits.

2. Schools 

Our climbing domes are a perfect addition to schools and educational institutions that want to create a great and clever playground. You see, climbing can essentially make children clever. Novel movement patterns benefit the brain and thus connect body and mind. Offering age-appropriate climbing structures with graduated challenges will support children's working memory and the ability to remember what the teacher just taught in class. Especially tween girls love to climb, and research suggests that climbing activates tween girls on playgrounds; you can read more about the research in our white paper from the KOMPAN Play Institute here

3. Residential areas 

Our outdoor climbing domes are commercial versions of the popular at-home playground climbing domes. The KOMPAN commercial climbing domes and spheres make excellent playground structures for residential communities. Children can gather, climb, and hang out while having fun and challenging themselves by exploring the rope nets. If you're searching for other great rope climbing play equipment, we can help, our climbing pyramids or climbing net playground equipment offers many of the same benefits and challenges as playground domes.  

Benefits of Dome Climbing Equipment

Climbing domes designed for children have numerous mental and physical benefits. Additionally, they can increase the value of a residential area and boost the appeal of nearby parks and recreational spaces in the community.

Provides a stimulating physical and mental challenge 

Engaging in dome climbing activities can provide physical challenges that enhance children's cross-coordination abilities. This type of activity promotes cooperation between the two halves of the brain, which can aid in the development of reading skills for young children. In addition to improving motor skills, climbing and crawling may also contribute to cognitive development.

Teaches kids risk management  

A playground with a secure dome climbing structure can aid in boosting children's confidence as they learn to handle risks and develop their abilities, resulting in a sense of accomplishment. You can see all our rope playground equipment and its benefits here. 

How to Choose the Right Playground Climbing Dome 

Playground climbing domes are highly effective at captivating the interest of curious and inquisitive children. When selecting playground equipment, it is crucial to carefully consider the equipment's design and age recommendations. Additionally, factors such as the size of your playground area, play capacity, and safety standards should be taken into account. Our team of playground experts is available to assist you in making the best decision for your play area and community.

Commercial-grade equipment - A clever investment 

If you're looking to include multiple play activities in a single climbing structure, commercial-grade playgrounds can be costly. However, it's worth investing in durable playground equipment for the long-term balance of cost and quality. This is especially important for institutions or schools where longevity and durability are crucial. Often financial help and funding opportunities are available. Applying for funding and grants can seem like a mountain to climb but we are here to help. Learn more about funding and grants here.

Looks great - but will children use the equipment? 

The playground domes look fantastic, but it's important to consider if children will actually use the play equipment. To ensure that the playground equipment is utilized, it's crucial to understand the purpose and target audience of your playground site. Our team of playground experts can offer guidance to help you choose age-appropriate playground equipment. Our goal is to maximize your investment by ensuring that children enjoy returning to the playground time and time again, making the project's value evident one smile at a time.

For all abilities and ages  

At KOMPAN, we firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to play, regardless of their abilities. Our playground climbing domes are designed to accommodate various ages and abilities, ensuring that children from diverse backgrounds can enjoy them. It is crucial to promote equality in the playground, and providing play equipment that caters to a wide audience is highly recommended. By doing so, we can bring joy to a vast number of children and create a safe and inclusive play environment for all.


We understand that safety is of utmost importance to you, and it is equally important to us. Commercial playground equipment is subject to strict safety regulations and standards. At KOMPAN, we ensure that all safety standards are met and comply with regulations in your area. To learn more about playground and playground equipment safety, please get in touch with your local playground expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of playground equipment are there? 

KOMPAN offers a range of playground equipment that falls under four main categories: Nature Play, Freestanding Playground Equipment, COROCORD™ climbing structures, and preconfigured play systems. You can explore all commercial playground equipment here or jump to our wide range of outdoor fitness equipment here

What equipment is needed for a playground?

Choosing playground equipment for a commercial project depends on various factors such as site size, purpose, and user group. If you're new to this task, it can be challenging to make the right choice. Contact the Kompan team to book a free discovery meeting with one of our playground experts in your region.

What is the safest playground equipment?

All of our playground equipment complies with all UK safety standards. But it is still vitally important to choose age-appropriate equipment. All of our products are tested by children to make sure they are safe and enjoyable products for the right age groups.

What is the difference between commercial and residential playground equipment?

Commercial playground equipment is usually more exciting and more complex. It is designed to accommodate a large volume of children simultaneously whilst offering a broader range of play activities. Residential playgrounds, on the other hand, are typically smaller and simpler in design, suitable for a family or a small group of children.

Why are commercial playgrounds so expensive?

Commercial playground equipment is designed to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. It must be built with durable materials such as high-grade steel, strong plastics, and weather-resistant coatings. These materials come at a higher cost than those used in residential playgrounds, ensuring that the equipment can endure frequent use and last for a long time.

What is the life expectancy of commercial playground equipment?

All playgrounds face the trials of weather, use and abuse and will eventually succumb to the ravages of time. Postpone that day for a lifetime by choosing playground equipment of high-quality materials and the cleverest of designs. Quality costs, but quality also lasts. A simple equation that, in the fullness of time, pays dividends. You can read more about our high-quality materials here and warranties here.

What equipment is not recommended for public playgrounds?

All types of playground equipment from KOMPAN are recommended for public playgrounds. We only sell commercial-grade playground equipment.