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Our rope play provides kids with sky-high play activities 

At KOMPAN, we are enthusiastic about creating adventurous playgrounds that inspire children's imaginations. Our climbing nets are a significant component of our play equipment. A climbing rope net provides an exciting way for kids to have fun on the playground. Children can climb the rope ladders to ascend the climbing frame and enjoy an unforgettable view from above.

Our KOMPAN climbing rope pyramids are commonly referred to as Spacenets due to their iconic design, which was created by the Berlin architect Conrad Roland in 1971. These Spacenets have become an expressive and recognizable symbol worldwide, providing children of all ages with the opportunity to reach new heights, develop skills, and gain confidence.

Our climbing frames and play ropes are built to last, ensuring that kids can enjoy them for many years to come. The dynamic colours of our rope playgrounds are designed to spark children's imaginations, making them a perfect addition to school adventure playgrounds or public parks. Rest assured that our products are strong and sturdy, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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The Benefits of Rope Net Playgrounds

Climbing is beneficial for children of all ages. Spacenets™ have been carefully designed to enhance their agility, balance, and coordination, while also improving their spatial awareness when bouncing, climbing, and sitting in the nets. These motor skills are crucial for life skills such as safe traffic management. Each structure has an overall net design that is tailored to the size of children in a specific age group, ensuring maximum play value. If you want to see other rope climbers check out our geometrical frame nets or climbing domes.

When designing a school playground or community park, it is important to consider tween girls as a specific target group. Research suggests that climbing is an activity that activates tween girls, as it allows them to strengthen their social bonds while also providing physical challenges. Therefore, including climbing equipment in these spaces will allow them to hang out where they can see and be seen. Therefore, the KOMPAN Galaxy, PCM, structures and Spacenets™ are perfect playground structures for tween girls.

If you want to learn more about our Spacenets™, do not hesitate to contact our team of playground experts today.