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Outdoor Cardio Gym Equipment

KOMPAN’s stationary cardio equipment can take your outdoor fitness site to the next level. Crafted by fitness experts for an effective and ergonomic workout experience, our outdoor cardio machines combine key elements from traditional indoor fitness kit with the robustness needed to endure the great outdoors.

At KOMPAN, we produce three main types of stationary outdoor cardio exercise equipment: bikes, upper body ergometers (also known as arm bikes), and cross trainers. All machines offer an intense cardio experience comparable to their indoor gym counterparts.

Outdoor exercise bikes

KOMPAN’s outdoor stationary cardio bikes provide an effective and progressive workout suitable for users aged 13 and over. To suit varying user needs, we developed two alternate products - the City Bike and the Sport Bike.

The City Bike is arguably one of KOMPAN’s most popular pieces of outdoor cardio fitness equipment. Specifically designed to accommodate various physiques, the City Bike features a wide, adjustable saddle that can be positioned at 13 different heights. A stainless steel pop-pin keeps the saddle securely in place. The upright position of the City Bike frame helps to deliver a comfortable cycling experience whether the user is large, small, short, or tall. The versatile nature of KOMPAN’s City Bike makes it an ideal piece of outdoor cardio exercise equipment for parks, recreational centres, and other fitness sites that require support for multiple types of users.

The Sport Bike is a powerful piece of outdoor cardio fitness equipment that has been enhanced to support a forward leaning riding style. Inspired by traditional indoor spin bikes, the Sport Bike is ideal for those who are looking for a high-intensity cardiovascular challenge and would work well in a professional fitness institution.

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    Outdoor arm bikes

    KOMPAN’s arm cardio machine has been developed to deliver an innovative exercise experience. The Arm Bike can be used while seated for an upper body workout or standing for a full body challenge. Designed to be fully inclusive, the stationary arm bike is easily accessible via wheelchair and requires no use of the legs – something which is uncommon in traditional pieces of cardio equipment. KOMPAN’s upper body ergometer helps to make outdoor cardio gym equipment more inclusive and is a great way for disabled users to improve their physical fitness.

    Outdoor Cross Trainers

    The cross trainer is a popular piece of indoor gym equipment loved by many across the globe. When developing KOMPAN’s outdoor cardio machines, our engineers were determined to re-imagine the world-renowned elliptical for outdoor use. After years of research and testing, KOMPAN’s stationary cross trainer for outdoor gyms was born. We have combined the key elements of a traditional indoor elliptical, such as adjustable resistance and large footplates, with the sturdiness required to function efficiently outside. Ergonomically designed for a smooth and pleasant experience, our cross trainer is both low-impact and high-intensity. This makes it perfect for a variety of public and private outdoor gym settings.

    Fully adjustable for all fitness level

    All KOMPAN outdoor cardio machines feature adjustable resistance to deliver a progressive workout that suits the user’s ability level. The resistance automatically adapts to the user’s speed, but it can also be manually altered using the 7” touch screen (certain models only) or the KOMPAN Fit mobile app. Built-in Bluetooth makes it easy for users to connect their device to KOMPAN’s outdoor cardio gym equipment and turn their screen into a personal fitness monitor. From there, they can track their performance, change the intensity of the equipment, and more.

    Outdoor cardio gym equipment that's built to last

    When creating a product that is intended for outdoor use, it is vital that the materials used are appropriate for varying climates. Whether it’s harsh winds, blazing heat, or freezing winters, KOMPAN’s outdoor cardio exercise equipment is designed to withstand it all. We use the finest quality materials, including galvanized steel, to make sure that our products will provide value for years to come. Not only this, but our dedicated Fitness Institute conducts thorough testing to be sure that KOMPAN outdoor cardio machines can withstand excessive use and vandalization attempts.

    Install a KOMPAN outdoor gym today

    Outdoor gyms across the UK can benefit from the addition of stationary cardio machines. With more people choosing to take their exercise outside, now is the time to consider installing an outdoor fitness site in your area. KOMPAN offers an unmatched range of innovative, high-quality products to deliver an effective workout for users of varying fitness levels. To find out how KOMPAN can help you develop the ideal outdoor fitness site for your setting, give us a call on 01908 201002 or submit an online enquiry form.

    Frequently asked questions about our Cardio Exercise Equipment

    How weatherproof is the equipment?

    It is super robust – it is specifically designed to perform under all weather conditions. KOMPAN design team and engineers were given the brief of taking the technology out of the gym and breathing a new breath of life into it by ensuring that it had a totally positive training effect.

    Do I need expert help to understand the equipment’s possibilities?

    No, of course using the app will maximize the session.

    What apps can I use?

    Basically we’ve chosen to use the open fitness biking protocols for the app – every app that connects to a home or gym trainer can also connect to the KOMPAN. This also means that Swift is included.

    Do you need a connection to the electricity grid?

    No, you are your own powerhouse. Through the resistance and your muscles you are rewarded with up to 750 watts of power.

    What can I use the power for?

    The machines themselves use the power for the resistance system.

    Why do I feel better after an open-air workout session?

    You answer the question in your question. Open air is very much the key. It helps clear your lungs. No amount of filtering can clean the atmosphere indoors to replicate fresh air. Indoor air often has a suboptimal balance of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, especially in enclosed rooms with little or poor ventilation. Of course, the positioning of the outdoor features is paramount to creating the perfect result. That opens the debate about which is better, sea air or mountain air. Mountain air contains less oxygen than air at lower altitudes, so breathing it causes the heart to beat faster and the body to burn more energy. A handful of studies have found that athletes training at high altitudes tend to lose weight. Sea air is really beneficial. The bracing climate by the sea is good for the respiratory organs and the skin, but also improves circulation and strengthens the body's defences.

    Are orange and black the only color options?

    No, there are seven colors to choose from and if you want to reflect the colors of your school, gym, organization or city we can customize.