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Robinia timber outdoor fitness equipment by KOMPAN

Are you looking to create a wooden outdoor gym that’s suitable for most workout disciplines and attracts users of varying ability levels? KOMPAN’s durable Robinia wooden gym equipment is the ideal solution.

Robina is one of most suitable wood types for wooden outdoor workout equipment, as its natural preservatives and oils make it highly resistant to outdoor elements. Not only will your KOMPAN wooden gym equipment be highly functional and visually appealing, but it will also last for years to come. Because of its durability, our wooden fitness equipment requires minimal maintenance. 

Our portfolio includes wooden exercise equipment inspired by two fitness disciplines that have been popular since the ‘70s and ‘80s – namely outdoor callisthenics gym and obstacle course equipment. Throughout the years, the typical outdoor workout equipment for these disciplines has been known for having an urban steel look. But with KOMPAN’s wooden fitness line, we have made those products available in Robinia, making it possible to fit your favorite street workout and obstacle course equipment into a nature-inspired outdoor fitness zone.

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High-quality wood fitness equipment

Attracted by the fresh air, beautiful natural surroundings, and the opportunity to work out, people across the world are moving outside to be active. Whether you want your wooden exercise equipment to fit into a natural setting, or want to bring nature into an urban environment, Robinia wood is the right choice for such equipment. Robinia wood looks great and is robust enough to withstand the unpredictable UK climate. If you are going to climb the monkey bars, why not add the sensation of tree and wood?

Sustainable and certified wooden outdoor gym equipment

The Robinia and Pine wood harvested for our products comes from sustainable forestry. This means that the wood used is bred for harvesting and planting and harvesting is carefully controlled. You can read more on our sustainability here. Additionally, at KOMPAN, we use wood from FSC-certified sources.

Customise your wooden outdoor fitness zone

No two projects are the same and we understand that every one of our customer's requirements has to be met with precision. Because of that, our products can be customised to fit perfectly within your scope. If you're looking for outdoor gym equipment with a wooden finish, be sure to contact us - we can customise the solution to your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do outdoor gyms work?

While many outdoor facilities are promoted as gyms, they do not provide weight-based resistance training and instead focus on improving mobility. This main distinction has created a negative image on the idea of outdoor gyms, portraying them as ineffective, at least compared to indoor gyms. However, we at KOMPAN have developed true outdoor fitness equipment which is suitable for both high-volume calisthenics and weight training. Additionally, outdoor gyms provide the benefit of being in nature and enjoying fresh air, in contrast to enclosed - and sometimes crowded - spaces like indoor gyms.

Is wood a good material for outdoor fitness equipment?

As a rule, many durable hardwood types are great for outdoor fitness equipment. However, through research and over 50 years of experience, we have found Robinia wood to be one of the most durable wood materials for most types of outdoor equipment, This is also confirmed by external research. We use Robinia wood throughout our product ranges - such as our natural playground equipment - on thousands of projects around the globe. Other than for the natural look and feel, Robinia wood is also often chosen for being a strong and long-lasting material with a very high level of natural oils. Thus, Robinia wood makes very durable fitness areas which are close to maintenance-free and able to last for many years.