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Staying active throughout ageing has a lot of benefits, as you improve your mobility, balance, and strength when working out. Seniors need outdoor exercise equipment that improves their ability to perform daily tasks such as walking on uneven surfaces, navigating steps and stairs or grabbing a lost key on the floor.

KOMPANs Stay Fit product line is thoroughly tested by KOMPAN Fitness Institute, and all our senior exercise equipmentis made in close collaboration with both experts and users to ensure high quality and durability. Much of our outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly can be used with a physiotherapist or as rehabilitation equipment too. An example is a simple product as the Up & Go, which teststhe elderly’s functional capacity. two of the most widely used tests are the Sit & Rise and the Up & Go test. This installation specifically targets executing these two tests – and training for test improvements.

For seniors, one of the biggest challenges is the risk of falling. Studies show that one out of three persons above 65 years old will have a serious fall every year. That is a risk worth taking seriously, so we suggest products like the surface challenge or balance board. These products mimic everyday challenges, like bumpy surfaces, stepping out of a bus, or bending down after something on the ground. Both products ensure maximum safety by having rails to hold on to.

Our goal with the Stay Fit product line is to promote active, healthy ageing for UK communities.

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KOMPAN outdoor exercise equipment for seniors

If you are looking to install an outdoor gym to support active ageing, choose KOMPAN. Our extensive range of outdoor fitness equipment has everything you need to create a well-rounded site. From cardio machines, to dedicated strength, balance, and co-ordination pieces, we can help create the perfect outdoor gym to suit your needs. Enquire online today or give us a call on 01908 201 002.

Frequently asked questions about KOMPANs outdoor gym equipment for elderly

What are the benefits of outdoor exercise for seniors?

Installing outdoor gym equipment for the elderly can bring a range of benefits to senior citizens, including:

Increased Social Interaction: Age UK reported that more than a million senior citizens in the UK go without socialisation for over a month at a time, and it is commonly known that the elderly are vulnerable to loneliness. Isolation can have a seriously negative impact on health, however there are seemingly fewer opportunities available today for elderly socialisation. KOMPAN’s outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly is designed for communal use, creating a perfect opportunity for these senior citizens to exercise in groups and make new friends.

Increased Vitamin D: Vitamin D is an essential nutrient in the human body that helps maintain a healthy immune system. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to muscle weaknesses and body aches in the elderly, as well as digestive issues and irregular moods. Exposure to sunlight is the most natural way to encourage vitamin D production, however many elderly people do not go outdoors enough to generate the required amount of this key nutrient. Introducing outdoor exercise equipment for the elderly could help encourage senior citizens to go outside and get a regular boost of vitamin D.

Increased Physical Activity: This one may be a given, but the main benefit of outdoor gym equipment for the elderly is that it provides a dedicated area for seniors to get their bodies moving. By participating in regular physical activity, senior citizens can improve their cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance, and co-ordination. As a result, they may decrease their risk of trips, falls, and certain lifestyle diseases (such as diabetes).

Any tips to avoid trips and slips?

Being more active and concisely exercising certainly contributes to stronger muscles and joints, heightened alertness and sharper response times and better muscle memory.

The KOMPAN Stay Fit line is specifically developed for people who are in need of more activity and rehabilitation. Therefore, it comes with safety features that minimize the risk of injury - after all, this is equipment you'd normally use to recover, maintain muscle mass, and stay active.

Besides this, it's always a good idea to be wearing light sports clothes that enable a good range of motion and a pair of sturdy, non-slippery shoes.

Can the Stay Fit products be used for rehabilitation?

The scope of outdoor fitness equipment for elderly goes beyond active ageing. The versatile nature of KOMPAN’s Stay Fit range makes it ideal for several purposes, including injury rehabilitation.

Whether young or old, injuries take an undeniable toll on the body. Physiotherapy is a vital part of successful rehabilitation, especially when recovering from a broken limb, muscular strain, or more severe physical traumas. As outdoor gym equipment for the elderly is designed to support strength and mobility, it can work wonders in rehabilitation settings. Key products for injury rehabilitation may include KOMPAN’s Double Stairs and Assisted Step, which are ideal for building leg function. Pair the Stay Fit products with adjustable outdoor strength training machines and outdoor cardio to cover all bases of rehabilitation.

Do I need an expert to explain how to use the Stay Fit equipment?

No, the exercises are simple, and you are helped by the information sign placed on the side of all outdoor exercise equipment for seniors. The information sign shows the most relevant exercise for the specific product, along with a QR code. When scanned, you will get an animated illustration of the exercise.

Best quality outdoor fitness equipment for elderly

All KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment for elderly complies with ASTM F3101 and EN16630 Outdoor fitness standards. Handrails are made from hot-dip galvanised steel and have dimensions that ensure good grip and a correct height for fall prevention. All surfaces are made for optimal grip and don’t get slippery during wet weather. All to ensure maximum safety for seniors or users in need of rehabilitation.

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