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Inclusive Outdoor Fitness

Inclusion in Outdoor Fitness

Inclusion in outdoor fitness is about creating training spaces that are useful and welcoming to everyone. This is achieved by reducing barriers and including a variety of exercise opportunities so that there will be a relevant-use scenario for the widest possible extent of users – disabilities or not. It is important to underline that inclusion is not about creating segregated areas for specific users but about creating a truly integrated environment. This requires insights from research, design principles and dialogue with the actual users. The KOMPAN Fitness Institute has conducted a white paper on how to work with inclusion in outdoor fitness.

white paper

Inclusive Outdoor Fitness

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take aways from the study

Take aways from the study

In 2019, the KOMPAN Fitness Institute conducted a survey among 60 persons with mobility-related disabilities. Of these, 88% were using a wheelchair daily. Some of the main findings were:

  • 92% would use an outdoor training facility if it was useful for them

  • 69% would be motivated by equipment for the upper body

  • 58% would be motivated by an arm bike