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Freestanding Play Equipment

Freestanding Playground Equipment

Freestanding playground equipment refers to stand-alone play structures that add lots of fun to smaller playgrounds at a minimal cost.

Playgrounds do not necessarily have to take up a lot of space. Even one or two stand-alone pieces of play equipment can spark curiosity and playfulness among children. Within KOMPAN's commercial freestanding play equipment, you will find everything from evergreens such as swings and playhouses to innovative and inclusive carousels and climbing nets. You get to choose from a broad portfolio of different features that can stand alone, be combined in a collection, or come together with a larger play structure. 

Freestanding play equipment is designed to engage and develop children with creative, physical and social play. Each play item focuses on at least one play activity, but KOMPAN always aims to add layers of activity. That means many ways of experiencing the play activity for all ages and abilities. 

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Why Choose Freestanding Playground Equipment?

Our freestanding playground equipment can add a unique touch to small play areas or revitalize a larger public playground without breaking the bank. These standalone structures offer flexibility and versatility in playground design while meeting UK safety standards. Our commercial-grade equipment is built to last, ensuring years of fun for children. We prioritize longevity, durability, inclusivity, and accessibility in our designs.

Classic Playground Equipment You Know and Love

For the past 50 years, KOMPAN has been a leader in playground design. Their design teams and behavioural specialists are always exploring and understanding the benefits and joy that a playground can offer. Their iconic Crazy Hen Springer started a revolution that continues to this day. Below are some of their most popular classic outdoor freestanding playground items.

Spinners and Carousels

It's crucial for children to feel the sensation of dizziness that spinning can bring. These movements are essential for the development of their nervous system, which is especially advantageous since children enjoy spinning so much!

Classic Swings

Swinging is undoubtedly one of the most beloved play activities of all time. whether it's a quiet moment alone or part of a wild play activity with a group of friends. Children just love to swing.


Children of all ages enjoy a thrilling slide! It's usually the first activity they rush to at any playground. The stand-alone slide from KOMPAN provides a variety of play activities.


Seesaws add a social aspect to the fun of rocking and help children develop their social skills at the same time. Nothing beats rocking!

Spring Riders

The best thing about spring rockers is you only need to use your body weight to generate movement and get rocking!

How to Choose the Right Freestanding Playground Equipment?

When selecting the ideal playground equipment from our extensive collection of commercial freestanding options, it's important to consider the intended purpose of the playground as well as the size and shape of the area. Furthermore, it's vital to take into account the age group and abilities of the users when choosing equipment.

To learn more about playground planning, we suggest visiting our Site Planning and Resource tools page. Rest assured that all KOMPAN products are compliant with UK industry standards for safety regulations, which is why you can trust us to provide you with top-quality equipment for your playground.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is freestanding playground equipment?

Classic and traditional playground equipment refers to commercial playground structures based on timeless designs that have been popular for many decades. For example, swings, slides, seesaws, and play panels.

2. What materials are used to make playground equipment?

Freestanding playground equipment can be made from various materials, including composite, metal, or wood. KOMPAN springs are made of high-quality steel with anti-pinch fittings for maximum safety.

3. Can freestanding equipment be customised?

KOMPAN offers many customisation options for our freestanding playground structures, such as custom colours and modifications to the shapes and sizes. In all cases, however, the playground equipment must adhere to the local safety standards and regulations.

4. How long does it take to install traditional playground equipment?

Naturally, the installation time varies based on the playground structure's complexity, the playground area's size, who is doing the installation, etc. It typically takes several days to a week and, for larger projects, longer than that. The whole process, from idea to installed final product, is divided into 3 stages, each of which takes roughly a month. Learn more on our playground installation page.

5. How do I maintain the freestanding playground equipment once installed?

Regular maintenance is important for the safety and longevity of freestanding playground equipment. This includes regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs as needed. Requirements for inspections vary locally, but we recommend at least one inspection every year. A warranty covers KOMPAN’s playgrounds... and we're always ready to provide spare parts.

6. How long does freestanding play equipment last?

The lifespan of classic playground equipment can vary depending on the materials' quality and the maintenance level. Therefore, it's important to use commercial-grade materials for schools, communities, parks and public projects. At KOMPAN, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our high-quality playground equipment can last for several decades with proper care. This is also reflected in our industry-leading warranties. To learn more about warranties, please visit our warranties page here.

7. What safety standards are in place for the playground equipment?

Playground equipment must comply with safety standards. These are set by organisations such as TÜV, ASTM, or IPEMA. Our playground equipment has passed multiple tests and quality standards - but you must always ensure that you follow local regulations and laws. For such questions, we typically recommend contacting one of our consultants available in your area who can help you with any step along the way.

8. How do I determine the best playground layout?

For classic playground equipment, it's important to consider factors such as the size and shape of the playground area, the age and abilities of the users, and the types of equipment you want to include, etc. It's also important to follow any safety guidelines and regulations for playgrounds. A consultant can help you with such questions, and if desired, KOMPAN offers a custom playground design service. Learn more about the process from start to finish in our playground planning guide.