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School playground equipment for primary schools

Captivate your students and help them build confidence and develop life skills with our bespoke playground equipment designed for primary schools.

A primary school playground goes beyond just a spot for students to spend their break time. It should feature top-quality elements that capture children's interest and encourage their imagination to run free. Ultimately increasing their attention span and desire to attend school each day. To cater to this need, we offer a range of primary school playground equipment suitable for various play activities and ages.

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Perfect playground equipment for primary schools

Our playground equipment offers a universal combination of sensory, physical, cognitive, and social stimulation, making it perfect for both educational and recreational purposes.

Every primary school playground is unique, at Kompan we offer a diverse range of school playground play equipment that can be tailored to suit your school's needs. Our playground equipment covers all activities that children in primary school enjoy. If you want to build an exciting playground for your school, consider incorporating the classic favourites of school students.

If you want to create a playground for toddlers, check out our preschool play equipment or our playground planning checklist for more information on planning the best nursery playground.

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Continue learning as you play

Converting a regular primary school playground into an interactive educational environment is a wonderful chance to enhance indoor classrooms. By including cutting-edge primary school playground equipment, you can establish an enriching educational playground that promotes creativity, physical development, and cognitive growth.

KOMPAN prioritises the development of playgrounds for primary schools that offer age-appropriate and challenging entertainment with educational value for children. We can help you create an outdoor learning space that provides opportunities for teaching beyond the classroom.

"The children’s behaviour has improved, they are a lot more entertained and their play has been a lot more imaginative."

Katie Goodwin - Head teacher, St Nicholas School

Primary school playground equipment derived from research and user participation

KOMPAN's school playground equipment is beneficial for all primary school children. It is created through collaboration between our product developers and child development experts at the KOMPAN Play Institute. This guarantees high safety and quality standards, and promotes children's development through play.

To ensure that our primary school playground equipment develops and attracts children, the KOMPAN Play Institute works to answer the following questions:

  • What is an excellent primary school playground for children?

  • What encourages children to play, stay and return to the playground repeatedly?

  • What designs and patterns inspire children to play and develop physically, socio-emotionally, and cognitively creatively?

View all the play research here if you want to know more about their work.

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Top choices for primary schools playground equipment

Encourage healthy competition, group play, and physical growth with these brilliant playground equipment for primary schools
Agility Trail 6


Agility Trail 6

6+ years

76.7 m2

20 Users

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Kilsyth Primary School


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Hallfields Primary School

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