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Taman Jurong Park

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Council inspires Singaporeans to a healthier and happier lifestyle

The outdoor fitness area in a housing complex at Yung Ho Road is an initiative of a national campaign intended to inspire people in the community to be more active. Sports Council Singapore wanted a place to increase physical activity that is accessible for all people, regardless of age and fitness level. The area can comfortably accommodate 20 people at a time, within the space of a tennis court. Singapore is the 3rd most densely populated country worldwide. Maximizing space is vital, especially when installing a diverse fitness system. The outdoor fitness equipment offers numerous exercises and endless possibilities.

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You can do circuit training, interval training, and boot camps, and the best thing is you can get many people involved at the same time.

Maverick Saravanamuthu, Personal Trainer

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A fit for all

The Taman Jurong Park features three large KOMPAN Cross System structures: the suspension trainer, magnetic bells and pull up bars. Between the structures, people find three levels of steps, the workout bench and a cross trainer for cardio. KOMPAN Cross Systems offer more than 20 exercises per structure and all are scalable to accommodate different workout levels. A great user experience is guaranteed with large instructional signs and a specially developed app that assists users in creating a personalized workout based on individual needs.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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