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Federal Hill Commons Park

Aesthetic playground design matches artistic landscape architecture

Federal Hill Commons Park in Noblesville is a place with artistic flair, as the highlight of the park is the beautiful amphitheater surrounded by aesthetic landscape architecture. To provide a place for children to play that is as unique as the park, the city wanted something that complements the landscape with aesthetic design and fascinates children with play elements that are unique from other playgrounds. The result is an artistic playground, which by its design creates space for many children in a small area. Through the open architecture, parents can enjoy concerts in the theater and at the same time keep an eye on their children. The community loves the playground, and the city is satisfied with the high-quality equipment and good service, as there is no need for maintenance.

We wanted this to be not your typical swings and slides type of playground. There’s a lot of art behind this park.

Brandon Bennett, Director - Noblesville Parks & Recreation

Challenging play activities in a small space

As unique as the design of the playground are the play features. The composition of sculptural elements represents challenging play activities and numerous possibilities to climb. Agility and cross-coordination are required when children want to climb the curved climbing wall, and it gets shaky on the swinging ropes, where the sense of balance is trained. Another climbing highlight is the rocking tube. Due to its special shape, it takes motoric skills to climb. Those who need a break from playing will find various social points such as the play shell. Another highlight is the three-dimensional climbing net, which offers plenty of space for many children thanks to its structure and size. Whether standing, climbing, or lying on it, it's a great place to play with a larger group and the transparency of the net makes it easy to socialize. Besides the climbing elements, the rotating features arouse the children's curiosity because it takes exploration and problem-solving to understand how to move the body to make the pole spin. With so many play activities, it's no surprise that the playground of Federal Hill Commons Park is a favorite place to play.

Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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