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Installing an outdoor fitness area at your college or university will undoubtedly bring value to your campus in more ways than one. Not only can it wow potential students, encouraging them to stay and develop at your institution, it will also benefit current students by providing them with additional gym space for individual workouts or groups activities.

Furthermore, all of our outdoor fitness equipment is developed through comprehensive research and user testing at the KOMPAN Fitness Institute, so rest assured any outdoor fitness equipment utilized at your college or university will provide users with an equally rigorous workout as indoor gyms.

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Providing a fitness challenge for all

Our collection of adjustable outdoor fitness equipment is perfect for challenging students of all abilities and ambitions. The equipment can be customized to cater to the needs of each student or faculty member, offering an adaptable space that has no usage restrictions.

Additionally, all KOMPAN outdoor gym equipment can be purchased individually or combined in a set, depending on the space available at your college or university. Whether you’re seeking an individual fitness training unit for a small area or a comprehensive training solution with space for larger groups, KOMPAN can create the perfect solution for you. We also offer surfacing options in order to create designated workout areas and comply with safety guidelines.

Check out our guide on how to plan an outdoor fitness area to learn more.

students working out at a outdoor gym at their university

Perfect for inspiring an active environment

Providing students with access to a diverse outdoor activity area on campus allows them to engage in light or rigorous physical exercise during their leisure time or study breaks. Universities and colleges can also utilize the space to encourage team-building activities or conduct specialized training sessions.

With a wide range of outdoor fitness solutions, KOMPAN can provide you with a custom outdoor workout space, designed to cater to the needs or your institution and its students, creating a happier and healthier environment for all.

It has been a huge success! The students not only use it during breaks, but if classes are cancelled, they now have an option within the school environment to exercise and be together.

Antoin Hoovers, PE Teacher, Segbroek College

A personal trainer for your students

Outdoor fitness Supported by the KOMPAN Fitness App

All KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment is supported by our KOMPAN Fitness App, encouraging your students to stay motivated and work out regularly. The app functions as an online personal trainer with various workouts, showing students how to perform exercises safely.


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Popular outdoor fitness activities for colleges & universities

Encourage physical activity for you college students by choosing accessible outdoor fitness equipment or gym packages
Leg Press

Leg Press


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Segbroek College, Netherlands

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