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Playground equipment for middle and high schools

"We don't play anymore!" Talk to any high schooler or middle schooler, and they'll make this defining statement that speaks to their maturing toward adulthood. We know they do play, it's just in their way. It takes the right high school playground equipment, typically geared around sports, to get older students moving during school.

Through 50 years of studying the way all children play, we've gathered a unique understanding of how t(weens) play. Our high school playground equipment supports the health, learning, and social inclusion of all teenagers and abilities. From the sports-crazed teens to the middle schoolers who could care less, everyone will find an engaging, safe spaces here.

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What playground equipment should you choose for your secondary school?

Choosing the right playground equipment for your high school will give you more active t(weens) during recess.

These six secondary school playground equipment types are a good base for a fun and challenging schoolyard.

Teenage Play Structures: Like the GALAXY™ climbing structures or climbing walls.

Challenging Playground Structures: Go for rope playground towers or a play system.

Dedicated Sports Areas: Choose Multisport areas to encourage team play.

Dedicated Gym Areas: Go for gym structures like school fitness playgrounds.

Playground Carousels or Swings: Choose spinners and carousels or innovative swings.

Hangout Areas: Create hangouts away from the main playground with hangout spots for playgrounds.

"If I were to give a tip to other schools looking to create an exercise-friendly environment, it would be to involve students in the process [...] As adults, we have a lot of ideas about what the area should look like, but you want to know what the kids want."

Antoin Hoovers, PE Teacher, Segbroek College

KOMPAN Play Institute gives best practices to increase t(w)eens & physical activity

About 23% of 11-17 year olds meet the minimum amount of physical activity on a global scale. This is devastating, as tweens and teens repeatedly say they like to be moving! They like outdoor play and play areas, as long as the design accommodates them alongside younger children.

You can read the latest research on tweens' love playgrounds by visiting KOMPAN Play Institute or check out our playground planning resources for best practices.

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Top choices for middle and high school playground equipment

Encourage team sports, play, and fitness in your school yard to get tweens & teens moving



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Segbroek College, Netherlands


Customer Case

Children playing on a rope climbing structure at school in Munich

Elementary School Leibengerstrasse, Germany

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