Designing unique playgrounds that match your story and your scene

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May 3, 2023


7.00, 10.00 ja 20.00


45 minuuttia




Design Studio

Webinar description

Hear about the possibilities to develop a unique playground that fits the story of your area and takes the scene or is part of the scene in your environment. KOMPAN Design Studio can shape the forms and expressions that you want and we can build and install them for you. So in this webinar, we share inspiration from things we have designed and built for architects, landscape architects, and for customers. In the webinar, we also share the newest trends and technologies for you to know how we can help you design unique playgrounds.

Presented by

Morten Laugesen

Morten graduated as production engineer and have several years of experience in product management as well as product development. Today is Morten managing the Variants that KOMPAN creates every day with respect to all the great and challenging requests coming from the market. Our daily business is to surprise and excite our customers with our customized products.

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