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Robinia Springers & Seesaws

A child rocking back and forth on a wooden playground springer

Art on the edge of nature

Dolphins and bugs, ants and bees, snails and ponies, the Robinia Springers & seesaws take creatures from nature and craft them into an artful, wooden play format. The Springer is a KOMPAN invention, an icon in the playground, and with Robinia, it becomes a three-dimensional attraction. Apart from modeling insects, animals, and mammals, the warmth and tactility of Robinia translate wonderfully into other favorites adding a new chapter to the Springer story.

The Springer is a ‘go-to’ feature when placed in any playground. Children are drawn to the joy of rocking, an activity that trains the sense of balance and spatial awareness – senses that ultimately help the child develop concentration and to navigate spaces safely. The Robinia Springers fall into two categories; those based on creatures that are largely solo experiences, and the springer version of the seesaw. Both encourage the children to share, one by taking turns and the other in cooperation.

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Robinia Village

A group of children playing on a large scale natural wooden castle playground

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Children playing on a robinia wood playground ship

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natural playground climbing structure for children robinia reference image

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Teenagers playing on a robinia and rope obstacle course playground

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a child playing on a wooden balancing playground reference image

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A child playing at a sand and water station on a playground

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robinia swings category reference image children playing on wooden swings

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Excited children playing on a robinia wood spring rocker

Robinia Springers & Seesaws

Kids using their imagination to play in a natural wooden playhouse

Robinia Playhuts and Playhouses

A child playing on a robinia wood playground spinner

Robinia Spinners, Carousels & Slides

robinia play act and learn sensory playgrounds and panels from wood reference image

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children playing on a robinia themed play playground category reference image

Robinia Themed Play

People sitting at a meeting point with outdoor furniture made from robinia wood

Sunshades, Furniture & Meeting Points

Children playing on robinia wood cableways

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kompan robinia nature experiditon playgroind urban jungle reference image

Nature Expedition

Children engaging in stimulating play with wooden play panels

Robinia Play Panels

wooden owl custom playground robinia play sculptures reference image

Robinia Play Sculptures

wooden fantasy themed play structures with children

Robinia Fantasy

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