KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness App

A connected experience

The KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness app acts as the ideal digital personal trainer, helping you to kickstart your exercise journey. The app also teaches you how to use the equipment and keeps you motivated. It’s an online exercise guide for all ages, fitness levels, and experiences.

  • See videos of exercises for all types of equipment

  • Get workouts for different goals and levels

  • Find the nearest fitness site on the map

  • Connect to cardio equipment and save your data in Google Fit or Apple Health

Your digital personal trainer

The KOMPAN Fit App

With the KOMPAN Fit App, you can find a fitness site near you and get site-specific workouts to get the most out of the outdoor fitness equipment.

Inspire, motivate, and guide users

Create popular fitness sites

Getting people active in the outdoors doesn’t just come with installing the right fitness equipment in the right area. You also need to find ways to inspire, educate, and motivate them to come to the fitness site and stay there.

The KOMPAN Fit app is designed to do just that by being a digital tool for users of all ages and fitness levels. It guides users on how to use the equipment, what exercise program to use, and acts as that personal digital trainer people need to get started and stay motivated.

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